Welcome back to Let's Play Angband. This update is brought to you by both the fact that it is snowing outside and so I can't go to the sports bar to watch today's Saints game with a friend (which is why I am writing Let's Play Angband instead) and also by the Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA: The official IPA of Let's Play Angband. It's pretty delicious and, as it says on the bottle, has improved with age. That's something new for an IPA. It doesn't usually do that.

Oh yes, and I'm also going to officially announce to the internet that you absolutely need to catch last week's episode of Bones. Hulu, torrent, whatever - between the "Avatar will get you laid" subplot and the fact that it's a take on King of Kong - but with murder! - it might be the best worst hour of television I've ever watched.

Firstly! Hieronymus Gaylord finds a staff of teleportation, which is ungodly useful. The reason for this, if I haven't mentioned it before (I actually do forget these things: This LP is now 41 updates long, after all) staves can be used when you're confused. This means a staff of teleportation is an invaluable item: You can't read scrolls or cast magic while confused, but you can use the staff. This object will unquestionably save Hieronymus Gaylord's bacon at least once.

Screw the amulet of Resist Acid that H.G. has on right now, this is getting picked up. A +2 WIS bonus is nothing to scoff at, even though it won't give him such a massive push that he can get in an extra cast of draining.

There is also a nearby orc pit. These are actually still worth clearing out at this stage in the game, because Hieronymus Gaylord nets close to 1000 exp from clearing it out, not to mention a variety of (not so) sweet treasure to scrounge through. Orc pits continue to be boring, because all I have to do is hold down the '6' key to repeatedly run into monsters and then shoot draining all over the place to clean up the holdouts in the central room once the ranks are thin enough.

You will remember that Viki met her untimely end at the hands of another monster that could summon natural creatures (I believe it was a Druid, and that update is actually the only one I didn't write beforehand). It's time for revenge. And as always, revenge is a dish best served by Hieronymus Gaylord.

Take that, asshole.

However, the 3-headed Hydra (M) is a monster that's a little out-of-depth and hydras are always nasty, besides. So H.G., with his low mana reserves, resorts to using his staff of teleportation. Told you guys it would save his bacon.

He also kills some hounds and gains a level. You'll notice that the experience requirements are getting steadily more ridiculous.

Descending to 1050', Hieronymus Gaylord gets a feeling. A good feeling. Not just a good feeling... a very good feeling! What could it be?

Well, now don't I feel like a schmuck for wasting 13000 gold on a pair of boots of speed. These have a better AC on them so the current set of footwear gets swapped out again. A brief trip back to town to unload his goodies, and Hieronymus Gaylord is back in the dungeon for more hot, thrilling dungeon crawling action.

I wish that I could make more 'I got a good feeling!' jokes but I think that I've completely used up my allotment of them for the rest of this LP. Instead I will make another Wayne's World joke. Why not watch this? I'll wait for you to come back. Join me again after the break.

Once again, the teleportation staff saves H.G.'s bacon, but I'm not sure from what. There was nothing in the previous screenshot that was dangerous at all; just (r)ats, (G)hosts, a rogue, and hounds.

Oh. Now I remember what it was.

Pukelmen are some kind of disastrous (g)olem-type monster which can cast acid bolts and confuse, has loads of HP, and is just generally dangerous. This one is also fairly out of depth, because they start showing up at 1250' (floor 25). This is just out of depth enough to contribute to a special level feeling.

I didn't get a screenshot of this, but this was a jelly pit. Strike two for a special level feeling. I'm starting to get the idea that maybe this level really isn't all that excellent after all, much like Wayne's World for the NES. Or Wayne's World for the SNES, for that matter.

This is the final straw in the ugly, floppy hat of the 'excellent' feeling. This level is excellent like Dana Carvey's career. ZING!

This level feeling better not be a lie. I mean, if the dragon scale mail generated a merely excellent feeling than this floor better be super-awesome, you know?

Once again, an acid hound is the victim of a stabbing that leads to a level gain. Very slowly inching towards 30, and stronger support magic.

Hieronymus Gaylord also gets to learn his first prayer in a while. This one is actually pretty useless, and I start wondering if I need to conserve my spells for when I get the theme books and might actually be able to learn something useful.

Okay. So Hieronymus Gaylord kills a lowly hobbit, who drops an innocent-looking Long Sword (3d5) on the ground. But wait a minute! He knows from picking up junk in the dungeon all the time that long swords are always (2d5). This must be special.

Are you guys ready for the next image?

Because I am!


Oh my god. Check out those bonuses. Check out those resists. Check out that FREE ACTION and SEE INVISIBLE. This is like a weapon of Westernesse on steroids, and also it comes with the power to shoot fire bolts. By the way, I think that 'fire bolts' is a lie, because whenever I've activated it it behaves more like a fire ball. Or maybe just the bolt has a 100% chance to beam or something. Anyway, it always hits more than one monster.

This weapon is so cool there's not even enough space to print how much time it takes to tunnel through granite! That's actually a stat I'm kind of interested in, by the way, because this thing allows tunneling to a degree that it might no longer be worth carting around the shovel.

Here's the rest of the treasure that Hieronymus Gaylord finds hanging around on the floor. None of them can even compare to the equipment that he has now. H.G. has become an unstoppable death machine, who delivers death to everything. Always. Forever.

He goes back to town to sell all of it off for some ridiculous amount of money, and heads back to the dungeon. But I'm too excited to stop now! Let's keep going!

The Random Number God has truly smiled upon Hieronymus Gaylord today.

Oh man, what the hell is this? This looks awesome. So awesome. That's not a pit, though; from the way the treasure is divided up I can tell what kind of room it is. There are rooms that have the surrounding hallway, and then four chambers with a door at each corner; that's what's over there. I can't wait to get in and check out what kind of awesome is to be had!

The monsters waiting for H.G. are actually in-depth (or lower-depth (or is that higher-depth?)) monsters like orcs, hounds, and wargs.

This is actually the least awesome item that H.G. picks up. Well, not quite the last awesome; we'll see something a little less awesome later. He's already got a pretty good bow so this one's going to get sold for much cash dollars.

I think I've explained Acquirement before, but if not: It's a scroll you read that generates a depth-appropriate (or sometimes slightly deeper) special item. In this case I was a fool to read it right now, because all it did was give me an ego item instead of an artifact, and in this particular instance, an ego item that's useless because Hieronymus Gaylord is using a bow instead of a crossbow.

This, however, makes up for it. I'm pretty sure that this is the most artifacts I've gotten in a run. Possibly tied.

Not fantastic, but I'm not going to complain. The (+8,+8) bonus is pretty exceptional and I'll take any STR and CON bonuses that Hieronymus Gaylord can get. In fact, let's take a look at where his stats and resistance chart are at right now:

Looks like H.G. is doing pretty well for himself. He's missing two of the basic resists (in fact, the two that would be most useful for him) but is rocking two sources of free action and has Sound resist already. Check out the stat bonuses he's getting from his equipment, too. Awesome.

Time to go back to town and sell stuff! In fact, while we're at it, let's check out what his dungeon supplies look like:

By now the shovel has been left behind, and is sitting at home, leaking acid all over everything and ruining his hardwood floors. He's switched from scrolls of ID to staves of ID because they're more convenient, but if one gets burned up, he's going to lose more charges of identify. The usual variety of staves/wands (slow/sleep/confuse) plus a small bonus in Teleport Other, which again, is mostly useful against vicious unique monsters who just don't want to leave Hieronymus Gaylord alone. Deep Descent is being brought along because I'm lazy and a little behind the curve as far as delving into the deep, dark dungeon goes.

Oh, and H.G. picks up a potion of charisma on the sly, too. He's so adorable!

Another good feeling. Hopefully it's not a jelly pit and a pair of boots of Free Action or Slow Descent or something dumb like that again.

H.G. is already rocking a pretty great bow and has good shooting skills, so this is entirely unnecessary for him to be carting around.

NEXT TIME: This update provides resistance to fire, confusion. Average damage per hit: 49.9.

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