Welcome back to Let's Play Angband. This update is brought to you by what could possibly be James Cameron's second-worst movie, because I count True Lies as about three-quarters of a good movie and Avatar as about one-third of a good movie. In case you're wondering, Titanic scores a perfect zero, except when Kate Winslet's Tits are on screen, at which point it's James Cameron's best movie. His for-real best movie, if you're wondering, is The Terminator. Because fuck yeah The Terminator!

By the way, is it wrong of me to think that Sigourney Weaver is still kind of hot? It's like how I think that Exene Crevenka is still kind of hot, even though she's old enough now to be like my great-grandmom, and looks old enough to be my great-great-great grandmom.

Wait a minute. Angband! That's right, I almost forgot.

Using his newfound powers of mind-reading and Rod of Detection, Hieronymus Gaylord has an easy time navigating levels now. In particular, it's very easy to get an idea of the best route to take through the dungeon, especially if it combines like Voltron with his magic mapping spell.

Another interesting little ring. I can actually see how one of these with very low negative bonuses could be useful, when combined with, say, a Ring of Damage, especially if the extra DEX point(s) are enough to give you multiple attacks.

Hieronymus Gaylord is descending fast now, by the way, having reached 1350' (L27).

By the way, it's time to fight another unique monster. YAAWWWWWNNNNN. However, I find his description to be hilarious, and a welcome moderately-racist antidote to the noble savage shit I just spent three hours watching.

Wait a minute. Angband! I almost forgot. 1400' is up next, and is also a dull place for dullards.

It does, however, feature the first monster that has a sound attack, which of course is a hound. Without sound resistance these monsters would actually be fairly dangerous - sound stuns, and bypasses free action, remember? But with the gold dragon scale mail, these guys are going to be chumps. Chumps!

Nexus hounds, though, are a different story. As mentioned earlier in the thread, nexus can teleport you around the dungeon, so it's probably a good idea to have nexus resist at some point.. which Hieronymus Gaylord conveniently has sitting back at home! But is random teleportation at the hands of foul beasts so bad that he'd be willing to give up the speed bonus? Probably not.

Hieronymus Gaylord cuts off this guy's arms and legs, leaving him stranded in the middle of the dungeon, yelling for a rematch. By the way, nerds have completely ruined that movie for me. Nerds: I realize that I'm one of you, but can you stop quoting the shit out of Monty Python? Please?

Wait a minute. Angband! I almost forgot!

Mim's kin die just as easily as he does. Unique monsters are no longer a challenge for the mighty Hieronymus Gaylord. Although maybe they will be again one day, who knows?

New ego item! Seeing gives a bonus to searching, resist blindness, and see invisible. This would be a great find for any character who isn't a dwarf and already has an artifact cap.

Facing down a boatload of danger, Hieronymus Gaylord activates his magical cloak to get some additional resists. As you may recall back from the dawn of time itself, resistance from a physical source (equipment) will only stack with resistance from a magical source (potions/spells/artifact activation). Facing down these many acid hounds, H.G. will need a bit of a boost. In fact, he should've been doing this the whole time.

I don't think I even need to comment on this, because the description is great.

Almost at 1500', and a good feeling to boot! Alright, this is going to be a good time.

Hieronymus Gaylord find an ego item on the floor of the dungeon and wield-IDs it, which is becoming an increasingly less good idea, now that I think of it. If he put on a weapon of Morgoth I think that the game would pretty much be over, since he's not carrying a scroll of *Remove Curse*.

He also picks this up. Huh, something special?

Huh. You know, this would normally be a pretty great find. Too bad about that, you know, dragon scale mail. Still rocking that pretty hard, and will continue to rock it until the very end of time itself. Or until there's another form of sound resist available.

Meanwhile, back in the town...

Hieronymus Gaylord wastes 45000 gold pieces.

But he also feels very dexterous!

Another day, another levelup. Yawwwwwn.

This strikes me as a surprisingly useful weapon for early in the game, simply because most monsters don't resist poison. Of course, we are not in the early game.

Superhero of awesome Hieronymus Gaylord runs into a crazy man with rabies who thinks that it's okay to bite and scratch at people, who is under the delusion that he can change shape. I guess like the Middle Earth equivalent of otherkin.

There's only one way to handle freaks like that: Stunning.

Of course, he dies. By the way, ignore that description. It's a bunch of filthy lies, and what I told you is just true.

Because, after all, why would a bear need to wear this?

In all seriousness, it's a tough call between this and the current headgear. Thengel doesn't offer ESP, but it does offer confusion resist, which.. well.. okay, so it's not such a tough call after all. Plus the WIS bonus is better, and we all love WIS.

Rocking another floor of the dungeon, Hieronymus Gaylord discovers his first troll pit! Of course, trolls are pretty much nothing but tougher versions of orcs, and the pit is handled with grace and dignity. And also with a lot of experience gaining, somewhere on the order of almost 20k.

He also finds a potion of wisdom, just hanging around on the dungeon floor! We must be nearing stat-gain depth, where I'm afraid the game is going to stall out for a while while I (try to) max out at least DEX, WIS, and STR. CON would be a nice bonus.

Let's cut this update short here, now that a bunch of boring stuff is out of the way, by showing off Hieronymus Gaylord's score for the first time in the game. At 1.6 million turns, he's almost reached a score of 200k, and that's in no small part to the out-of-depth scale mail and the ridiculous number of artifacts he's picking up every day.

NEXT TIME: Danger! Excitement! Unresistable forces! Stat gain! Summoning! And more!

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