The observant LP viewer may notice that I like adventures games, NES games, and combinations thereof. So it should come as no surprise that an NES adventure game wherein all the characters are vegetables is right up my alley. Well, maybe not so much the anthropomorphic vegetable part. But I digress, because hereís an NES adventure game wherein all the characters are vegetables.


Letís get this show on the road!

Chapter One: The Melon Massacre!
~Part 1: The Thirsty Baby~

One day, Minister Pumpkin betrayed King Broccoli. He kidnapped Princess Tomato and stole the Turnip Emblem. He took them to his castle in the Zucchini Mountains. He sent his cruel Farmies to terrorize all the vegetables in the Salad Kingdom. Shortly thereafter, the poor king died from the loss of his beautiful daughter.

But he promised you, Sir Cucumber, the Princessí hand and the Kingdom if you bring them back safely.

God Speed, Sir Cucumber!

From this we can extrapolate the following- First: If the Princess is a Tomato, and the King is made of Broccoli, that would imply that the Queen must also a Tomato, and, like having red hair, Broccoli-dom is a recessive gene.

Second: Presumably the King and Princess had a symbiotic relationship, and without her nearby, the king was doomed to death.

Third: The Princess has no problem marrying someone she presumably never met assuming he is capable of defeating a nefarious Pumpkin.

Assuming that the Zucchini Mountains are those hills in the background, one might notice that none of the three vegetables that comprise the mountains are a Zucchini. The reasonable assumption is that the Zucchini Mountains were named after who discovered them rather then what they are actually made of.

Thereís also a flower there in the middle of the path. Itís kind of weird to see a flower just lying there in the middle of what is clearly a well-travelled road, so letís remove the offending flora.

Nice to know. It would also seem that while fruits and vegetables are anthropomorphic in the Salad Kingdom, other bits of plant matter are not. The only logical assumption is that THE FLOWER IS MADE OF MEAT!

Moving forward brings us into the Celery Forest and brings us face to face with a baby Persimmon. Also, the ground is covered with small Broccoli crowns, which adds to the mystery of the royal familiesí genealogy.

Aww, I hate to see a persimmon cry, especially a baby persimmon which is apparently dying of dehydration. Thatís just cruel. Of course, the only items in my inventory are the flower and 3 gold coins, neither of which being immediately useful for giving the Persimmon a drink. So we abandon the dying baby for now.

Sir Cucumber is a hero!

The Spinach Heights are not very high, but Iím willing to give them the benefit of the doubt on the Spinach status.

The Signpost is kind enough to point out what each of the three paths lead to, but not which path leads where. Still, Lake Quench sounds like the kind of place to go to if you wanted to get a drink.

I also picked up some Spinach, sinceÖ well, why not?

Lake Quench, besides being full of water, also has a Fern Bird nest nearby. Iím a bit more concerned about getting that baby some drink before it dies. Or wilts. Or whatever.

Anyway, I take some Water in a non-existent Pot, a Pot which is only large enough to offer three drinks. It is presumably a small pot.

Looking inside the Nest gives me another Gold Coin. Which is nice.

Back in the Celery Forest, the Baby Persimmon is still sitting in the middle of the path, crying, or vomiting, itís hard to tell.

Giving the Water to the Persimmon causes it to make a different, but still revolting, face. The Baby is also more talkative.

I just escaped from the Farmies! My friends are in the Melon Patch. The Farmies have stopped giving them water. The Farmies are so cruel. We must go help the Melons!

GAH! That is one ugly baby! Percy, the Horrible Persimmon Creature now joins me in my quest to save the Princess. He can give me hints on how to proceed should I get stuck. Getting stuck is a certainty, and some puzzles can only be solved by talking to Percy.

First we must go to the Melon Patch to save the Melons.

Itís nice to know that Melons and Persimmons have been able to look past their physical differences to become friends.


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