Media | A2Q Archives | A2Q #41: The "Buns on the Run" Edition | May 27, 2008: Welcome to this week's highlighted home video releases, focused entirely on the American market. Sorry, rest of the world. If you don't like it, we'll send Rambo over to "re-educate" you.

Roundup by VsRobot | Posted May 27, 2008

Pick Of the Week

The Walker
Access to power is a potent narcotic -- just ask the U.S. press corps, which has been so completely neutered by the threat of ostracism by the administration that its members can barely string together two negative words about George W. Bush. And you thought games journalism was broken! Woody Harrelson's character in this film is content to be a "walker", a male friend who escorts Washington DC socialites to events when their wealthy and powerful husbands are not available. He is not paid in anything other than their company and being privy to their gossip and social circle. He genuinely likes these women, and when one of them asks him to drive him to a rendezvous with a male prostitute he agrees easily. When she discovers that the man has been stabbed to death, he agrees to report the crime and cover up her involvement just as readily.

Unfortunately, this makes him the prime suspect in the crime, and all of his rich powerful "friends" immediately shun him. Harrelson's character investigates the crime on his own and begins to discover the dark underbelly of his former social circles. Directed by Paul Shraeder, who wrote and directed American Gigolo and wrote Taxi Driver and Raging Bull, The Walker is a complex and strong film well worth your time.

Also Out

The Air I Breathe
Four interlocking stories makes a movie that's four times as boring as a regular movie! Oh sweet science, what wonders thou hath wrought.

Cassandra's Dream
Two brothers played by Ewan MacGregor and Colin Farrill desperately need to raise some cash and decide to commit a crime together. The plot set-up sounds like that of Before the Devil Knows You're Dead, right? But that movie was by Sidney Lumet, a master of dark crime movies, and this movie is by Woody Allen who is... not.

Grace is Gone
So, John Cusack's character lies about his bad eyesight so he can join the military he idolizes, where he meets his wife before being kicked out once his lie is revealed. He remains a fervent supporter of the Iraq war in which his wife is fighting, while he stays home and raises their two young daughters. Already uneasy relating to his daughters, he has no idea how to break to them the terrible news when their mother is killed in action. In a desperate attempt to connect and give them one last brief moment of innocence he takes them on a spur-of-the-moment road trip while he tries to figure out when and how to tell them the news that will change their lives forever.

An elderly man fights against the odds and fulfills his lifelong dream of shooting people with guns designed to take down armored military vehicles and making their soft pink innards explode into clouds of chunky red gore. A heart warming journey for the whole family!

Blu Reyes

Do they call hardcore Rambo fans "Ramboners"? Because they totally should. Speaking of Rambo,does anyone else remember First Blood? Watching that, I can only shake my head at the cartoon character they later made out of the disaffected vet in that movie.


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