Media | A2Q Archives | A2Q #42: The "Love Will Tear Us Apart" Edition | June 3, 2008: Welcome to this week's highlighted home video releases, focused entirely on the American market. Sorry, rest of the world. Region locks are the home video industry's way of saying they still don't understand the internet.

Roundup by VsRobot | Posted June 2, 2008

Pick Of the Week

Based on the excellent book Touching from a Distance, Control is the biography of Ian Curtis, lead singer of the seminal and very influential band Joy Division. You don't necessarily need to be a fan of Joy Division to enjoy the film as the film's themes are universal, but Control is pretty much required viewing if you are. Surprisingly, it's not nearly as depressing as you might imagine if you're familiar with Ian Curtis' much-too-brief life.

Also Out

Boarding Gate
Asia Argento and Michael Madsen star what is either an art-house thriller appropriating tawdry B-movie genre tropes or a pretentious B-movie with an art house sheen applied, depending on who you ask. What isn't a point of debate is how incredibly watchable Asia Argento is -- not merely because she is attractive, but also because of how ferocious her acting is. She makes me nervous.

The Eye
I'm hoping that after The Eye and One Missed Call, we can bury the trend of remaking Asian horror films for western audiences. I'm as big of a fan of the Americanized The Ring as you'll probably ever meet, but apparently no one else could figure out how to bottle that lightning; the rush to mine Asian horror was paying diminishing returns pretty much immediately. Even Ring Two couldn't recapture what made the first film so damn good.

A heist movie that reportedly has none of the fun or charm of star Caine's earlier work in the genre. A pity, as a well-crafted heist flick is always welcome.

Machine Girl
She's dressed like a schoolgirl, she has a machine gun for an arm, she fights ninjas... Dear Internet, here is your next obsession.

Meet The Spartans
Assuming you've seen the trailer, I don't have to tell you how bereft of laughs and originality this abomination is. Done right, parody films as a genre can still be incredibly entertaining ("Do you like gladiator movies?"). But this ain't it. Unfortunately, it seems that slavishly aping scenes from other films and adding stale pop culture references that are outdated before the actors even get their scripts is a lucrative market these days. I blame Scary Movie.

Semi Pro
Will Ferrell plays a clueless sports figure who is loud, obnoxious, and prone to getting naked at inappropriate moments.

And now that I've written that, I can just copy and paste it into the blurbs for all his future movies in the same category, which he apparently has decided is his niche.

Blu Reyes

Amazon lists a bunch of other Blu-ray titles as being released on June 3rd as well, but as I couldn't find anything to corroborate their listings elsewhere I left them off. Amazon's haphazard date listings are a real pain in the ass for your humble columnist here -- apparently this week also is when Cloverfield and There will be Blood are really available, so if you couldn't find them before it's time to try again! Also, as Blu-ray becomes more popular it's starting to break my column's format. Pretty soon I won't be able to fit every notable release in a single image. This makes me sad.


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