Media | A2Q Archives | A2Q #44: The "Place Holder" Edition | June 17, 2008: Welcome to this week's highlighted home video releases, focused entirely on the American market. Sorry, rest of the world. Region locks are the home video industry's way of saying they still don't understand the Internet.

Roundup by VsRobot | Posted June 16, 2008

Pick Of the Week

Be Kind Rewind
You'll come for the awesome "sweded" remakes of popular movies and stay for the...well, really, the low-fi remakes are the best part of the film. The plot is pretty inconsequential, and all the story stuff just gets in the way of all the rad home-made versions of big-budget movies.

Also Out

Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins
So, this film is out. It's really not for me -- I don't like the broad style of humor the film's marketing campaign focused on -- but it's a really, really slow release week so if you're one of those voracious consumers who only wants to watch NEW RELEASES then it's slim pickings! So you might as well check it out. Enjoy! Or at least try, anyway.

Fools Gold
Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson paired up in a romantic adventure on the high seas!*

*Exclamation point added for irony's sake.**

**I wish I were dead.

Blu Reyes

High-def is really nice and all (and it is really nice), but I'm starting to miss the convenience of just ripping all my DVDs and then watching them on whatever device I feel like at the time. Getting a Blu-ray and only being able to watch it on the TV is beginning to feel restrictive. Of course, Blu-ray is ideal when I have the time to sit and watch a movie -- nothing beats the sound and picture of great HD transfer -- but sometimes I just want to watch a movie in the tub. I like the trend of including "digital copies" with the physical media you buy, but, well, DRM. It keeps me from using the file the way I want -- I don't want to start a gol-danged torrent, I just want to put it on whichever of my portable devices I feel like carrying around that day.


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Man Metal Gear Solid 4 is good.