Media | A2Q Archives | A2Q #46: The "8-Bit" Edition | July 1, 2008: Welcome to this week's highlighted home video releases, focused entirely on the American market. Sorry, rest of the world. Region locks are the home video industry's way of saying they still don't understand the Internet.

WALL-E looks sad, doesn't he? Probably he's heartbroken that this week lacks either games or movies worth picking up. Don't worry, little guy! We'll get back in the swing of mindless consumerism soon enough.

Roundup by VsRobot | Posted July 1, 2008

Out This Week

City of Men
This Brazilian movie has a complicated history -- there was a book entitled City of God, based on a true story, that was adapted into a fantastic film of the same name. That film inspired a television series called City of Men, and this film is spun off from that.

If you haven't seen City of God, it's an epic crime drama with it's beginnings in the slums of Brazil. It follows several characters as they progress from youth into adulthood, and the different paths they take. It's a brilliant film, and any fan of Goodfellas or Godfather should check it. This quasi-sequel hasn't gotten nearly the same warm reception as it's progenitor, so I recommend anyone who missed out on City of God should seek that film out instead.

Drillbit Taylor
Owen Wilson has starred in or helped write some of my favorite films of all time, so the fact that he's fallen into this trap wherein he plays an endless string of variations on the same character across a range of similar-looking "comedies" is vaguely depressing.

My Blueberry Nights
The English-language debut of one Korea's most popular exported film directors, Wong Kar Wai, My Blueberry Nights features first-time actor Norah Jones playing a character who decides to go on road trip across America after a messy break-up. Along the way she meets Jude Law, a fast-talking bartender; policeman David Straithern and his estranged wife Rachel Weis; and a poker shark played by Natlie Portman.

Shotgun Stories
A drunken, useless violent man has three sons he doesn't bother to properly name (they are called Son, Kid, and Boy, respectively) before he cleans up his act with a new woman and starts a new family, complete with fours sons who actually get to enjoy real names. However, the legacy of violence he left behind explodes when his new and old families meet at his funeral -- Son spits on the coffin and ignites a blood feud. The best-reviewed of this week's new releases, Shotgun Stories appears to be have a lot of depth and raw emotion within its many layers.

Vantage Point
An assassination potboiler told from many different viewpoints. Sadly, this doesn't make so much for a popcorn-flick take on Rashoman as it does a cheap gimmick that lets the writers throw in a bunch of twists that even the producers of 24 would admit strain credibility.

Blu Reyes


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