Ben Langberg | LeGeek

Ben is the token "Cranky Kong" of Gamespite. Not that he is particularly cranky or "Kongish", but according to Logan's Run he is an old fart who needs killin' is nostalgic for the good old days. He remembers the Atari Video Computer System fondly and thinks of it as the VCS, not the 2600. He is somewhat of an Alterna-nerd around these parts, as he was on the Atari and Commodore track during his formative years, instead of the standard Nintendo track. (Ben still thinks Super Metroid is great though, so they let him stay.)

He is also a dad, and has noticed that his game time is a fraction of what it used to be. While he wouldn't trade parenthood for anything, Ben recommends going ahead and beating that 100+ hour JRPG you've been saving for a rainy day before becoming a pater familias.

When not padding out profile copy in the third person, surfing the internet for scraps of videogame news or slowly nursing his game of Mass Effect 2 like a warm, flat beer, Ben also writes for his own quarterly 'zine located here.


Contrary to this photographic evidence, he is not a rugged naturalist.