Red Hedgehog

A supposed red
hedgehog catching a ride

Red Hedgehog acquired his nick name through one of those silly fantasy scenarios one has with their friends in junior high school and it has stuck with him ever since. The scenario involved hedgehogs attempting to take over the world and toying with peoples' brains until they broke them. It has nothing to do with Sonic the Hedgehog? as he did not own a Sonic game until after the Game Boy Advance was released and isn't particular fond of the series anyway.

In 1989, Red Hedgehog wanted to
be this guy. Today, he pretty much is.

Red Hedgehog grew up with an NES, a Game Boy and then nothing much until 2003. Though he mostly played adventure and strategy games (on his Mac) from 1994 on, he never grew out of his love for these classic systems, replaying favorites such as Ninja Gaiden and Maniac Mansion several times. In 1997, like everyone else he discovered emulation and by 2001 had begun to realize the appeal of classic games: many people have already played them and can weed out the ones that really weren't that good so you only need play the ones that stand the test of time. In 2002, the collecting bug bit him, and he now owns a dozen different video game consoles and over a thousand unique video games. He has a video game journal where he records his progress in playing through games old and new and occasionally reviews them.

The most accurate representation
yet of Red Hedgehog's actual

When not obsessed by video games, Red Hedgehog is roaming the streets of New York or sitting at a computer attempting to create innovative web technology. In what little free time remains, he likes the outdoor activities of skiing and hiking and the indoor activity of playing board games, especially of the German variety. He also enjoys playing with his dog, Garibaldi, who is named after the character you think he is named after.