This is the section wherein I will publically torment myself by posting broken, unfinished scraps and fragments of failed creative endeavors that somehow seemed like a good idea at the time. Enjoy!

Worst Ending: If only I had done more than four of these. They were actually sort of okay.

- One: Castlevania Dawn of Sorrow
- Two: Chrono Trigger
- Three: Super Metroid
- Four: Castlevania II Simon's Quest

Gamespite: Almost kinda sorta based on real life.

Webcomix: Hmm, what's this? (Most recent entries here.)

Retro Webcomix: The first thing I did with my website, way back in 1996/1997, was use it to create comics. Unfortunately, I'm not terribly effective as a cartoonist either. Fortunately my very earliest attempts have been lost to time, but I still have enough lingering on my hard drive to discourage future efforts. I tried taking another stab at creating comics at the beginning of 2005. In a stunning achievement of short-lived futility that was impressive even for me, this attempt lasted less than a week before being completely forgotten.

SF Portraits: San Francisco is a city with a great deal of personality. In fact, you can get more than your fill of personality at every street corner thanks to handy cuts to funding to public health care services, which helpfully left thousands of mentally ill people to fend for themselves. They typically go about this task by begging for change and muttering strange curses to themselves.

Thumbnail Theatre: Not really comics, I guess, but eh. Pretty much just a mash-up of Book-A-Minute and Mad Magazine, these somehow became inexplicably popular and inspired a mystifying number of imitators. The bulk of which, it should be said, were somehow even worse than mine.

Bestiary: Just random little stupid things. Sort of like the rest of the site, but even less focused. If you can believe that.

Other crap

Assorted Bloggery: I've discovered that very little of what I've written in my blog entries is worth remembering a few days later. However, every once in a while I'll post something decent. Relatively speaking.

Onion: A short story based on a delusional fever dream I had at E3 2004. Its main achievement was to prove, spectacularly, that I'm not really all that good at writing fiction.

Splash Pages?: For some reason I used to think it was a really good idea to have a splash page for the site, which would force people to click an extra time to get to the actual content of the page. And what better way to annoy people in the 56K dial-up era than to force them to view a 100K graphic right from the start? The fact that this site ever achieved a decent readership is nothing less than a Christmas miracle.