GameSpite Journal Issue 11
Spring 2012: Second Chances

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"Second Chances"

“GameSpite” has not, to date, been a particularly appropriate name for this publication. I adopted the moniker with the intent of launching a games journalism satire comic strip, which was back before I realized that games journalism is already chillingly self-satirical by nature. So, we ended up with a web and print venture with the term “spite” in its name despite the fact that the content has not, by and large, been particularly spiteful.

Cynicism and negativity are, to my thinking, a worthless commodity these days. Any jackass can go online and make broad, strawman complaints about something. Nitpicking is the lowest common denominator of self-expression. Sarcasm is the literary tool of the inept. It’s far easier to destroy than to create, as they say, and the same holds true for criticism. Let the lazy and unambitious tear down others’ hard work; we prefer to champion the good, or at least to mull the failings of the bad in a constructive way. But isn’t it weird that something called “GameSpite” is only about games we like? What about the things we don’t? How come we never write about those?

Well, now we have. GameSpite Journal 11 revolves entirely around games we hate or otherwise find disappointing... but again, our better nature betrays us. Rather than simply bag on these works, we’ve instead chosen to revisit them and give them a fair shake. Myself, I’ve specifically selected a few games that I’ve built something of a reputation around naysaying and replayed them with the willingness to admit I was wrong. Some games we found ourselves appreciating with the insight of greater maturity; others, well... sometimes you just have to trust your instincts. But whether we make peace with our old foes or simply find ourselves further estranged, we’ve done our best to be fair. Ain’t that nice of us?

Jeremy Parish
April 15, 2012

In This Issue

Staff Roll

Jake Alley cannot be revived, because you only talked to Nameless NPC #37 17 times before first entering the second dungeon.

According to prophecy, Jonathon Anderson is one of two warrior magicians fated to save mankind.

Michael Apps is not a collection of iPhone applications that have gained sentience.

While carrying Baby Philip Armstrong, Yoshi gains the ability to turn eggs into a somewhat decent frittata.

Andrew Bentley wonders who the left hand of the villain is.

Ben Elgin’s monochromatic pixellated avatar has difficulty navigating curbs and other short ledges.

Lee Hathcock wonders if the Konami Code would help him finally finish his Ph.D.

Just a Marc Host. Get out of here!

Tyler Lindner lacks Rumble Pak support, but we’re too polite to say anything.

Aaron Littleton has got his eyes on the horizon.

Paul McLain’s weak point is... !! Whoops! There I go, talking too much again...

Thomas Nickel kindly asks Namco Bandai to make one final Tales game and call it Tales of Generia.

Nadia Oxford’s murderous rages can be controlled with the “Influence” skill (“Yes, sir!”).

Jeremy Parish died from exhaustion a few issues ago; his body simply hasn’t stopped twitching.

Alex Reo has a little brother named Skates who will take his place in the next two GameSpite volumes.

Jeremy Signor spent entirely too much time lost in the Fangbacks Building.

Alois Wittwer will muffle the wails of your frightened soul.

Mike Zeller is gonna get down, get down, get down, get down tonight.

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