Thumbnail Theatre: Neon Genesis Evangelion Part 17

SEELE: The Angels are doing interesting things. My, how interesting. Yes, these things are indeed interesting.

Misato: Like what?

SEELE: Silence! We are being mysterious and cryptic! And we're hacked off that you won't let us rip open Shinji's memories.

Toji: Quick reminder - my sister was hurt during an Eva's battle with an Angel. And it made me mad. I hate Evas.

Gendo: Well, the US branch of NERV is toast. Time to screw up some insignificant human lives.

Ritsuko:: I sure hope we can find a fourth pilot for the Eva that's being brought here. And it's a good thing we created this mysterious Dummy Plug. Not that we'll need it or anything.

Gendo: Rei, you're a nude girl in a test tube. I like that. Let's have a weird relationship.

Ritsuko:: This sidelong glance at Gendo is probably insignificant. I'll go round up that Fourth Child that we mentioned earlier.

Misato: Does anyone else think it's a little odd that the group that locates Eva pilots is named after a god to whom children were sacrificed?

Ritsuko:: No. And here's the name of our latest sacrifice, er, pilot.

Misato: No! I can't believe it's him!

Hikari: You know, I sure do like Toji.

Shinji: You've sure become a great friend, Toji.

Kaji: Did you know there's a conspiracy regarding the Marduk institute and NERV? And it will affect the Fourth Child?

Misato: Shinji sure won't be happy about the news of the identity of the Fourth Child.

Kensuke: I've heard the Fourth Child will be chosen from among the people living here.

Hikari: Toji, did I mention I really like you?

Toji: Did I mention I seem inexplicably solemn after meeting with Ritsuko:'''?

Asuka: Hmmm, I wonder who the Fourth Child will be.! Not him!

Shinji: I wish someone would help clue me in to this whole Fourth Child bit. Even a little light foreshadowing would be nice.

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