Thumbnail Theatre: Neon Genesis Evangelion Part 25

Shinji: I killed the only person who loved me. But I had to kill him! But I didn't want to kill him. But I did. I suck.

Rei: Yeah, yeah, rationalize it all you want... murderer.

Shinji: I can't help it! My problems are all caused by other people!

Asuka: No, they're caused by you.

Shinji: Yaaah! You're right. I suck.

Rei: Don't feel bad, Asuka sucks too.

Asuka: What about you, robot girl?

Rei: I'm not a robot... uh.... Oh wait, I am. I suck.

Gendo: Come on, Rei, Third Impact is starting. Off-camera, of course.

Misato: Hi, I'm dead.

Ritsuko:: Me, too.

Shinji: What's this feeling? It's either the fusion of every mind on earth, or someone put something weird in my coffee this morning.

Gendo: The end of the world is for your own good. No, really.

Ritsuko:: What he said.

Misato: I don't believe you.

Ritsuko:: That's because you suck.

Kaji: Hi, Misato. I symbolize both your love and your hate for your father.

Shinji: Gasp! Do women usually do, uhhh, that sort of thing with their fathers...?

Misato: Get away from my X-rated memories of Kaji! Sheesh, there's no privacy in a collective mind. Third Impact sucks.

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