AKA: Billy West
As seen in: The Adventures of Bayou Billy (NES)
Distinguishing feature: Can punch a bulletproof vest from a manís body.
Strengths: Proficient with several forms of weaponry.
Weaknesses: Awful bayou-dweller stench.

Profile by Nich Maragos? | December 14, 2009

Is everyone here? Who are we waiting on? Hey, Grasshopper, have you seen Bonobono? We really need him -- oh, okay, there he is. All right, letís get started.

So I showed our concept stuff to Shachou, and thereís good news and bad news. The good news is, he likes our overall design. The brawling, the shooting, the driving -- heís cool with the multi-style thing, and heís given us the go-ahead. The bad news is, he didnít go for the scenario. He said it wasnít plausible for so many guns to be floating around Osaka, and when I suggested we change them to ninja stars and set it in the Edo period, he pointed out that it turns into a Goemon game then and theyíre already planning one of those for Famicom. Look, you donít have to say ďI told you so,Ē Moon, we all remember.

Which means weíll need to come up with something else. Hereís what Iím thinking: we had a good thing going with the modern-day setting, but maybe Osaka wasnít the place. America might be better, donít they have guns all over the place there? Americans fight a lot, right? Have any of you ever been to America? You have, Moon? Wow... no kidding? You actually heard a gunshot in the French Quarter? We might be on to something here....

Well, no, no, I donít think itís necessarily a problem that you only saw Bourbon Street. They have swamps and... roads, and things there too, right? We can just set most of the game there. In fact, thereís our hook for the hero. Heís a guy from the swamp, or whatever they call them, you can look it up later, Shinamon. And thatís why he knows how to use a knife and a gun, because heís used to the violent swamp life of fighting off alligators. Maybe we can grab some of the whip sprites from the Castlevania team, too... donít they use whips in that part of the country?

What am I even asking this for? Like Shachou knows the first thing about Alabama. Moon, I want to see concept sketches for this guy from you and Susumu first thing tomorrow. Bring your vacation photos too, for referenceÖ and while Iím on the subject, whatís a good American name we can use for our swamp man? Billy? OK... Billy it is.

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