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Article by Scott Lowe? | Nov. 1, 2010

Donkey Kong '94

Developer: Nintendo
U.S. Release: June 21, 1994
Format: Game Boy

Released in 1994 as the poster child for Nintendoís hot new Super Game Boy peripheral, what starts out as a rehash of the arcade original quickly transforms into an entirely different lady-snatching beast. Rather than a paltry four stages set to loop, Donkey Kong í94 expands out to over 100 stages of puzzle platforming goodness.

Not only was the scope of the adventure much more ambitious, Marioís skill set was greatly expanded upon as well. Much of what Mario is known for these days (triple jumps, backflips, etc) saw their origin in this humble Game Boy cartridge.

The greatest addition to the classic Donkey Kong formula, though, was the ability to fall more than a half-foot without dying, greatly improving the playability. The moves arenít just there for the heck of itómany of the stages require you harness much of what is available collect the keys to move one step closer to the final confrontation with the big ape himself, Donkey Kong, to save Pauline.

While the series continues to this day as Mario vs. Donkey Kong, it has spiraled further and further and further into the puzzle direction to the detriment of the platforming bits. Donkey Kong í94 really is in a league of its own; rarely do puzzles and platforming come together in such a perfect union.

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