First Appearance: Monster Party (Bandai, NES, 1989)
Special Techniques: Festering
Know accomplices: Files

Profile by Jake Alley? | February 23, 2011

Monster Party is a pretty freaking weird game. You play a kid with a baseball bad sharing his body with a surprisingly underpowered space dragon, Birdy the Mighty style, fighting reverse mermaids and human headed dogs, and the bosses are all just plain weird. With a theme as broad as “monsters” you wouldn’t think the designers would have to resort to having you fight a giant three-piece tempura order, but honestly the least bizarre boss in the game is a potted pitcher plant that shoots bubbles at you, because at least it has the decency to quote the Frank Oz version of Little Shop of Horrors when you first enter the room.

The most baffling boss of all, though, comes pretty early on in the game. It’s just the barely distinguishable corpse of some sort of reptilian critter which upon entering the room says, “Sorry, I’m dead.” That’s it. It’s already dead. A little fly buzzes around it for a few seconds, then the door unlocks and you can go. Now, if it were undead, sure. If the fly proceeded to try and kill you, great. But no. It’s just a dead boss. You have to look at its corpse, then you can just go leave the level.

Late in the game, there’s another boss you don’t actually fight. There’s these two dancing zombies, who are completely invincible. The only way to proceed past them is to stand there politely and let them finish their elaborate dance routine, at which point they’ll kindly kill themselves for you. That one at least has the decency to be a puzzle though, if you try to attack them they loop back around, and you eventually run out of time. Not so with the corpse. It’s just some weird sort of joke.

Oh yeah, and the lizard turns out to be a recurring boss. You’d figure the second encounter could at least add more flies.

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