First appearance: Created by God on the fourth day
Distinguishing characteristics: Small; fast, hollow bones; wings; capable of flight; seriously hate ninjas
Special techniques: Respawn before even reaching the edge of the screen.
Weaknesses: None; can only be defeated through skilled timing and careful memorization.

Profile by Jeremy Parish? | February 4, 2011

In the introduction of Irem’s Kid Niki: Radical Ninja, the hero learned of the plight of the woman he loved when a cry for help arrived in the traditional ninja fashion: tied to an arrow fired at Niki. Spurred to action, Niki leapt into the fray with a cry of, “Will help you!”

Never did Niki consider the tragedy that befell another as his beloved’s missive hit home: the bird whose flight happened to intersect the arrow’s. Struck to its heart, the sparrow fell lifeless to the ground, a casualty of someone else’s war. The ninja never even noticed its death. But the birds? The birds never forgot.

On that day, an entire phylum swore vengeance against the ninja clans. Yes, the ninja were highly trained assassins versed in bladed weapons, projectiles, and poisons. But the birds were many, and patient, and had a long memory. For centuries, their songs spoke only of their blood vow, the black price they had levied upon the warrior clans. And as the centuries wore on, their dark work slowly revealed its efficacy.

The ninja, once numbered in the tens of thousands, began to fade away. Internecine feuds between the rival clans were blamed, even among the ninja themselves. Only the birds knew the truth: one by one, the ninja fell to their relentless surprise assaults. Maybe the victim would be caught unawares by the edge of a cliff. Or maybe the birds would simply swoop down and attack in sufficient numbers to peck the unsuspecting warrior to death.

By the late 20th century, the old clans were all but extinct. But the birds refused to let up, dive-bombing Ryu Hayabusa to the point of madness. They weren’t in allegiance with the guardia de mieux’s demonic forces, though. They just believed in finishing the job.

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