Aliases: Albert Wily; Dr. Willy
First appearance: Mega Man (Capcom, NES, 1987)
M.O.: Robotics; waggling eyebrows; combinations thereof
Known crimes: Multiple attempted takeovers of the world through robot-based rebellion
Weaknesses: Mega Man; the least useful current Robot Master weapon

Profile by Justin Hoeger? | March 7, 2011


I trust this letter finds you well at your new laboratory -- one of several built to your specifications -- and I hope you find the facility well-appointed. I know you understand the necessity of this note’s indirect delivery, given the circumstances, and I trust you will destroy it once read.

I cannot stress enough that our test model never learns the truth of our collusion. He must, above all, believe the world is at stake and that he is the only one who can save it. It is the only way he will ever believe he can fend off the true apocalypse he may one day face.

Our Robot Masters and their minions will test him, hone him and forge him into the ultimate weaponized AI, and you shall be his ultimate test -- again and again, if need be. Our preliminary designs for further AI units are on your central computer, and you will find sufficient facilities and materials for a new set of Robot Masters any time you require them.

When it all begins, you will appear a monster, a madman and a maniac. Only you and I will know the truth.

The sacrifice you have made of your good name will never be forgotten by me, though the world will never know of it.

I have planted the first gauntlet of Robot Masters in industrial sites around the world; they are functioning to spec and have received positive press coverage. In three days I will activate hidden subroutines, placing their control in your hands.

It is almost time. Be ready, my friend.

— Thomas

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