M.O.: Blunderous hoodlum
Distinguishing features: Striped inmate attire
First appearance: Keystone Kapers (Activision, VCS, 1983)
Known crimes: Robbin’; Disturbin’ the peaces

Profile by Ben Langberg | March 18, 2011

“Oh, that Harry Hooligan with his unorthodox shenanigans! Ya figure a normal crook would pilfer the bank, or some other fine ‘loot-filled’ establishment, but nooooo… Harry always seemed ta prefer the department store. Because he loved ta run, see? An’ he was quick, too! The man could hop o’er stray shoppin’ carts and duck under toy biplanes with the best of ’em. I reckon in another life, he woulda made a fine Olympic champion… a real contender. His deft artistry o’ hoppin’ o’er them Cathedral radios was nigh inhuman.

“Oh, I’d nab him eventually, usually on the roof, just as he were makin’ his getaway. We’d lock ’em up and toss ’em in jail, but soon enough he’d break out an’ be back to his old tricks. I never could figure out why he kept coming back ta Southwick’s. It’s not like there weren’t plenty o’ other places ta knick from.

“Anyway, bein’ a repeat offender, we finally had ta throw the book at ’em. (long pause) 'Tis a damned shame he’s in solitary nowadays. My beat now is downright borin’ in comparison.”

—Officer Kelly, at O’Shaunessey’s Grill

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