First appearance: The Secret of Monkey Island (LucasArts, PC, 1990)
M.O.: Tricking people with voodoo powers; Plotting ways to kidnap the woman of his dreams
Known crimes: Plundering; Kidnapping; Trying to kill Guybrush Threepwood, like, 15 times
Nature of demise: Root beer; Counter-voodoo; Cannonball explosion; Inevitable future deaths to be determined.

Profile by Wesley Fenlon? | April 8, 2011

Most people give up on “the one that got away” once they arrive at death’s door, but the great pirate LeChuck really didn’t know when to quit. Spurned by his true love Elaine Marley, LeChuck set out to prove his pirating mettle and win Elaine’s affections by finding the secret of Monkey Island. The venture was slightly unsuccessful—he came back an undead, glowy spectre, which didn’t do much to win Elaine’s heart. At that point, the jilted LeChuck did what any reasonable ghost pirate would do: he terrorized the Caribbean and plotted to make Elaine his ghostly bride for the rest of eternity.

Everything came crashing down thanks to Guybrush Threepwood, whose clumsy-but-clever antics (and a bottle of lethal root beer) dissipated LeChuck’s ghost body on the eve of his wedding ceremony. Did that stop the pirate voodoo master? Not likely! He returned as a zombie, madder than ever. . . only to be defeated by Guybrush once again. Surely that stopped the pirate voodoo master, you might think. Nonsense! He came back once again as a vengeful pirate demon, determined to murder the meddlesome Guybrush and finally marry the beautiful Elaine.

By this point you probably get the picture: Infatuation is unhealthy, particularly when the lovestruck fool in question is an evil undead pirate with limitless voodoo powers. LeChuck could’ve led a successful career as the most powerful pirate of the Caribbean, yet he allowed the blinders of love to ruin it all. If LeChuck had spent a little more time scuttling ships and a little less time kidnapping girls, who knows what the high seas would look like today?

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