First appearance: Octopus (Nintendo, G&W, 1981)
Distinguishing features: Eight deadly tentacles; Gigantism
M.O.: Protecting his undersea treasure at all costs

Profile by Scott Lowe? | April 3, 2011

Despite what a certain crab may have told you, not everything is better down where its wetter. Take, for example, our subject the Octopus. After succumbing to the same deadly radiation as the arguably more famous Godzilla, the Octopus grew to an enormous, unmanageable size. Rather than retaliate on Tokyo (which would be silly, since he has to breathe from gills, you see), he decided instead to instead settle down in a reef off the coast of Okinawa.

The laid back setting of the warmer ocean did nothing to dispel the Octopus’s hatred for the world above that brought about his transformation. He turned to a life of crime, routinely capsizing ships through the region and collecting as many shiny ¥500 coins as he could get his grubby tentacles around. He amassed these by the millions in a gigantic treasure chest which he guarded relentlessly, extending and retracting his appendages as an elementary security grid.

Even with the maze of tentacles in place his treasure trove was routinely assaulted by so called “treasure hunters” (eventually even the famous hero Mario as a rather odd publicity stunt promoting the release of one of his new games). Donning a diving bell, they quickly criss-crossed between the Octopus’s traps to collect as many coins as would fit in their small bag.

More often than not, greed would overcome the intruders as they filled their sack to the brim, slowing their ascent just long enough for the Octopus to capture his assailants and pull them to a watery grave. To this day the Octopus is still at large, waiting, watching for anyone to dare an attempt at a handful of his treasure.

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