First Appearance: Contra (Konami, ARC, 1986)
Primary ambition: Galactic conquest
M.O.: Planetary enslavement
Important notes: Death throes are capable of blowing up an entire island

Profile by Jeremy Parish? | March 31, 2011

In an alien tongue never before heard by human ears, “re’dfal con” means “one who consumes worlds.” Well, more or less; the exact meaning is difficult to translate into English, as the concept behind what we read as “consume” is less a matter of ingestion and more a holistic integration into oneself. A re’dfal con does nothing so banal as eat worlds; rather, it conquers them on a molecular level, rebuilding its components from its cellular elements to become attuned with the being of the consumer. The world remains intact, but every inch of its surface -- organic or otherwise -- becomes a part of the re’dfal con. And so the consumer’s awareness grows on a galactic scale as it travels through space, integrating new planets into its oneness.

In Earth’s English tongue, though, a “red falcon” is simply a brightly-colored raptor. The image this phrase creates is hardly the universal force of conquest denoted by its native language, but it’s suitably intimidating to that world’s affable, peace-loving citizenry. And so the newly-christened Red Falcon wore its accidental name with pride, even adopting an image of the scarlet avian as the image for its standard as it made its foray to consume Earth.

Points for style, no doubt, but Red Falcon made the mistake of assuming “peace-loving” was synonymous for “defenseless.” Turns out even a consumer of worlds is vulnerable to having its head blown off and its heart annihilated from within.

Ultimately, though, there’s only room in the universe for one re’dfal con; when two meet, their struggle for dominance spans solar systems. All things considered, Red Falcon’s demise was the cleaner of the two possible ends.

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