First appearance: Sabrewulf (Ultimate Play the Game, ZX81, 1984)
Also appearing in: Killer Instinct; Sabre Wulf (GBA)
Notable features: Deadly; Powerful; Invincible
Nature of demise: Cannot be defeated, only avoided temporarily

Profile by Jeremy Parish? | March 28, 2011

Villainy is as much about intent as it is about deeds, and it’s this duality that makes Sabrewulf a true villain. Few would blame him for merely being hostile as humans like Sabreman encroached on his territory. But the fact of the matter is that Sabrewulf’s heart is black as the deepest depths of the jungle he lives in. For him, the drive to stalk and kill interlopers isn’t a means of self-defense; rather, it’s a pleasure.

Sabrewulf thrives on the taste of blood. It thrills to the smell of fear. Terror is the finest of seasonings, desperation the spice that makes freshly caught prey succulent.

The Sabrewulf skulks through shadows, elusive but not unseen. It wants its victim to sense its presence, to know that certain death awaits in the form of snapping jaws and razor-like claws. It revels in watching a cold droplet of sweat run along the nape of a target’s neck—a literal chill down the spine—relishing the thought of a scream of terror cut short as slavering fangs crush and tear a screaming man’s throat. There’s not even sport in it, as Sabrewulf’s ensorcelled lineage—spoken of in uncertain terms through whispered Aboriginal legend—makes it immune to mortal weapons.

In time, so insatiable did Sabrewulf’s bloodlust become that it was no longer content feasting on wandering explorers. It ventured into the world of man, savaging its way through the Killer Instinct tournament. The powerful foes it faced there caused Sabrewulf to know pain for the first time. The taste of their heart-blood was all the sweeter.

The Sabrewulf is not evil because it kills; that’s simply nature’s way. No, the Sabrewulf is evil because it enjoys the kill.

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