First appearance: Space Invaders (Taito, ARC, 1978)
Aliases: The aliens; Space monsters; Sashimi
M.O.: Interplanetary invasion fleet
Known crimes: Assaulting the Earth without a formal declaration of war
Nature of demise: Disintegrated by mobile ground-based laser cannon defense systems

Profile by Ben Elgin | April 2, 2011

Editorís note: The following intercepted and decoded transmissions have been translated from the original Lingua Praesumptor.

Squadron Command to all ships
Tonight we descend upon one of the enemyís most important installations. We have them far outnumbered. We will prevail. Prepare.

Commence standard attack pattern. Maintain formation at all costs. Begin zenith to nadir sweep across target location. All ships, fire at random intervals to confuse enemy defense systems.

Enemy bunkers are resilient but will fall to our barrage. Decrease altitude by ten units, reverse direction nadir to zenith, and continue firing. Do not break formation.

Enemy laser artillery returning fire. Damage sustained.

Do not waver in the face of retaliation. Press the attack. Drop altitude an additional ten units, reverse direction for third sweep, increase velocity to standard plus one.

Further damage sustained. Requesting support flyover from Saucer-class flagship. Drop altitude, reverse direction, increase speed. Continue random fire mode.

Flagship destroyed. Do not waver. *static* We will prevail. All remaining ships, drop, reverse, and accelerate on my mark. Mark.

Stay with me. *static* The bunkers have fallen. Drop, reverse, accelerate, fire. We will destroy the enemy. *static* Drop, reverse, accelerate, fire.

*static* reverse *static* fire. Fire. *static* any left *static* fire *static* fire fire fire *static*

[Transmission signal lost]

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