Alias: Mamu

First appearance: Doki Doki Panic (Nintendo, FDS, 1988)
Known accomplices: Mouser; Phanto; Clawglip; Birdo; Triclyde
Nature of demise: Ate his vegetables

Profile by Marc Host? | March 7, 2011

Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Amphibia
Order: Anura
Family: Ranidae
Genus: Subconleptella
Species: Mamusia

One neednít look very far to see this fascinating creature. While some species may require you to travel to the dark reaches of rain forests or to the mist-covered mountains across the world, you can see the humble subconleptella mamusia by merely closing your eyes. Commonly known as the grinning wart frog, this remarkable miracle of the animal kingdom actually makes its habitat inside of dreams.

Starting out as nothing more than a humble tadpole, hundreds of immature wart frogs never make it to the shore as those who dream of bodies of water often end up waking prematurely. Should one manage to make its way to the surface and draw its first lungful of air, however, its ordeal is only just beginning. A young grinning wart frog has few natural defenses and many predators. Crabs often wander back and forth across the shores of their spawning lakes, hoping to snatch up the prized treats in their claw grips. While some manage to never encounter these predators at all, the most successful and strongest of the grinning wart frogs will manage to use the charismatic draw of their full, toothy smiles to convince the crabs that they should help the young amphibian instead of feasting upon it. This can be accomplished with the help of a cape for the frog fashioned from the flowers that grow along the shore, the colors of which draw the crustaceans in the first place. These crabs are expert builders, and grinning wart frogs will often employ them to build them great palaces out of nothing more than the spherical boulders that often populate the dreams of archaeologists. Thus begins the harmonizing of an eco-system that will grow to include the presence of tri-headed snakes, egg-bellied bow lizards, and most fearsome of all, the shaded bomb mouse.

While the grinning wart frog subsists on a diet largely consisting of winged cousins to the common fruit fly, in order to attract a mate the amphibian will often construct vast gardens to impress the opposite sex. The most prosperous and eligible of the frogs have even been known to construct crude methods of extracting their harvest directly from the ground, launching them into the air in a primitive sort of fireworks display to draw the attention of lady frogs far and wide. The irony is that the frog is deathly allergic to its own agricultural fruits, though the bashful and supplicating creatures who gravitate toward a mature grinning wart frog enjoy turnips enough that nothing ends up going to waste. Truly in the eco-system of the dreamscape, the grinning wart frog is the king of its castle. It is even speculated that should something remove the grinning wart frog from its nest after it has matured, the void left in the habitat would drive the creatures that supplicate themselves to the amphibian to such ignoble pursuits as babynapping and competitive athletic displays, which drives home just how important this wonder of nature truly is.

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