Games | Weekly Game Releases | Week of November 20th, 2007: After last week's bunch of awesome releases, it's going to be hard to top it. This week manages to hold its own, though. It's plucky.

List compiled by reibeatall and Sarcasmorator | Posted November 19th, 2007

Game of the week | Rock Band

I know you all love Guitar Hero, that bastard Parish not included, but it's time to move on to bigger and better things. Bigger meaning not limited to a max of two guitars, but rather offering a microphone and a drum kit as well. Better: developed by Harmonix in conjunction with EA and MTV. See also: An amazing line-up of downloadable content. Get ready to rock, people.

P.S. To my PLAYSTATION 3 friends: It seems that currently, the Guitar Hero 3 Les Paul does not work with Rock Band. All the recognition is software based, so it's just a patch away until they fix it. IF they decide to fix it. And assuming the incompatibility wasn't actually intentional.

Very Honorable Mention | Mass Effect

If you've ever wanted make it with a blue alien lady with skin folds for hair, this is the game for you! Especially if you write for Destructoid, Joystiq or Kotaku, because that's all those guys can freakin' talk about lately. For the rest of us less easily titillated types, Mass Effect promises lots and lots and lots of talking, questing, talking, shooting and talking. But the talking is really well done, and the mode by which you choose what you're going to talk about is elegant. And the real-time shooting action is pretty good -- though if you're not a soldier, well... tough luck. Hope you like training in just one or two weapon types, forever.

Also appearing in stores

Mario Party DS
A handheld Mario Party game is an interesting concept. First off, the party aspect of it doesn't really translate well when only one person is playing. Thankfully, though, Nintendo included single-cart download play (though no Wi-Fi Connection support) in the DS outing of the Mario Party franchise, marking the series' tenth title -- don't forget Mario Party Advance, right? Guaranteed to sell a lot. For some reason.

Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings
Parish reviewed Revenant Wings, so I'll just save myself some trouble with a quick copy-and-paste
I have to say, this is a game of ups and downs. My feelings about it have been all over the place: from high hopes (a sequel to Final Fantasy XII!) to atmospheric hopes (a sequel to Final Fantasy XII emphasizing gambits and summons!) to grim foreboding (it actually looks to play like Heroes of Mana) to crushing disappointment (it does play just like Heroes of Mana) to pleasant surprise (it's actually quite a bit different after you clear the first chapter or two).
And now, back to our regularly scheduled writers.

Trauma Center: New Blood
Forget Manhunt 2 that's weaksauce. Trauma Center is where it's at. In what other game can you systematically carve chunks out of drugged victims lying helpless on your butcher's block, using the Wii Remote as a razor-sharp scalpel? Nowhere, that's where. Except for the DS. (Except that part about the Wii remote.) And they say Nintendo makes kiddie systems. Bah. Bah, I say!

Soulcalibur: Legends
Remember Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Sub-Zero? How about Special Forces or Shaolin Monks? No? Yeah. That's the vibe we're getting from this Soulcalibur spin-off, starring Siegfried "Giant Sword" Sh- ... uh, Schtau- ... um, Stuffing, and the boobular fem-dom Ivy. Heavens halp us.

Master of Illusion
Brain Training, Eye Training, More Brain Training, Learn Spanish, Learn French, Yet More Brain Training. Ever wonder when somebody's going to release something for the Nintendo DS that's actually useful? Wonder no longer, for this week, the best entry ever in the training/teaching genre arrives. Master of Illusion teaches you magic tricks. It also comes with a deck of cards. Magic cards.
I don't feel I need to explain more. Go out, buy, and impress your friends. (Friends sold separately.)

Geometry Wars: Galaxies
Quick, if A = 4 and B = 8, then C = ?
Wait, it's not that type of geometry? Wait again, this is a full-priced retail version of a five-dollar Xbox Live download? That was free in Project Gotham Racing?
Well, almost. Actually,
Galaxies is to the original Geometry Wars as Super Mario Bros. was to Mario Bros.
' It takes the core mechanic and stretches it across dozens of worlds while at the same time introducing new power-ups and skills.

Time Crisis 4
Everybody loves light gun games in the arcade. You throw in some quarters (or swipe a card, if your arcade is from the fuure), shoot some zombies or terrorists or dinosaurs or ninjas, die, then walk off. And it's exactly the thing this generation of hardware has been missing. At least, the next-gen consoles, seeing as how Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles came out last week for the Wii. Now it's an even one to one ratio.
Ohh wait. Is that...?

Ghost Squad
Yep, it's another Wii light gun game. And with the announcement that House of the Dead 2 and 3 will be making their way to the Wii, the hits just keep on coming. Finally, I can pay full price for a game that I'd probably only spend five bucks on in the arcade! Too bad there's no gun-type thing for the Wii...

Wii Zapper w/ Link's Crossbow Training
Thank you, Nintendo! Now I can pay twenty dollars for a controller casing and a tech demo. And I'll do it, too. You bastards named it after your NES light gun, so I'm effectively powerless in the thrall of nostalgia. Jerks.
I'm surprised they didn't release this sooner.

Weekly WTF? | History Channel: Battle for the Pacific

History Channel's last game, History Channel: Civil War wasn't exactly the most intense FPS ever. It also wasn't particularly good. I guess the only "good" thing one can say about it is that it covered a war that games rarely touch upon. It also showed why games rarely touch upon it. I'm honestly surprised it sold enough copies to warrant a new game; you'd think the core Civil War recreation enthusiast audience would have too much of the Luddite about them to play video games. Regardless, those mad geniuses at the History Channel are it again in Battle for the Pacific. Think of every generic thing you can say about a WWII shooter and insert it here. But this time it's historic, or something.

Talk about how crappy these games are!