Games | Weekly Game Releases | Week of January 29th, 2008: Not a lot of choices this week.

List compiled by reibeatall and Sarcasmorator | Posted January 28th, 2008

Game of the week | Nothing

Guys, don't even bother this week. Seriously. Keep playing No More Heroes or Burnout Paradise or Advance Wars or that game where you stare at the wall for a few hours and contemplate death. Please.

Also appearing in stores

Bomberman Land Touch 2
A Bomberman mini-game collection sequel, because the first collection just couldn't contain all that mini-game goodness. The set features more than 40 mini-games. And as an added bonus, they've actually included, you know, THE ORIGINAL BOMBERMAN GAME. Nice of them to throw that in.

Bomberman Land
A Bomberman mini-game collection for the Wii, because these mini-games are entirely too bomb-ass for the DS to contain. Over 40 mini-games are on offer. And as an added bonus, they've included the original Bomberman battle game. Because they love you so much.

Bomberman Land
A Bomberman mini-game collection for the PSP, because mini-games this good deserve to be played by more than just Nintendo fans. More 40 unique, allegedly addictive mini-games. And because Hudson knows its customers, they included, just for you, the original Bomberman game mode.

Pursuit Force: Extreme Justice
The sequel to the car-jumping-action-shooter game that came out a year ago. Now vastly more EXTREME, because the discerning audiences of 2008 demand nothing less! Shoot down the criminals and take out the dirty cops in this terribly generic, forgettable game.

Remember this game? Dinosaurs, aliens, and some tribal indian stuff that nobody really understood, and then a fight on an alien mothership where you're running and it's exploding and then they lived happily ever after, until the next game? Well, they've made another one, and if the demo's any indication, it's another crappy FPS with dinosaurs and some evil army. Of people, not aliens. Aliens are so ten years ago. Native Americans, too, since this new Turok is apparently so white you could use him as a serving base for cheese spread or paté.

Talk about how crappy these games are!