As seen in: Journey to Silius (NES)
Distinguishing feature: Isn't John Connor.
Strengths: Does what an 8-bit hero can.
Weaknesses: That's pretty much all he can do.

Profile by Jeremy Parish? | January 22, 2011

In the 21st century, mankind was nearly crushed beneath the bootheel of a merciless cybernetic network that gained self-awareness and wiped out most of the human race. Its armies poured over the surface of the earth, rooting out the last remaining pockets of human resistance and murdering all it encountered. But just as the outcome seemed inevitable, a rebellion led by a lone man turned the tide of the battle and turned the machines' victory into a rout. That man was named John Connor.

This is not his story. No, this is the story of Jay McCray, who was totally not John Connor, despite fighting a relentless army of machines in a post-nuclear wasteland. Despite the soundtrack of his life sounding an awful lot like John Horner by way of NES. Despite fighting an android with an uncanny resemblance to the T-800 Terminator.

This is because Jay McCray lost his license to the Terminator franchise and was forced instead to fight cut-rate terrorists in a generic futuristic wasteland. And thus he blasted his way into obscurity, because he'd been counting on someone else's popular brand name to do the heavy lifting for him and failed to differentiate himself from a score of other, similar 8-bit warriors.

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