Video games, huh. What are they good for? Absolutely nothing -- but since they're pretty much the fulcrum upon which this website pivots, here is a listing of all of GameSpite's game-related content.

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Game Articles, by Console

Arcade: The arcade may be irrelevant, but back in the day it held enough cultural capital to produce a hit single about a pie chart. Let's see Halo do that!

Nintendo Entertainment System: Once upon a time, video games were dead. Then they rolled the stone away from the grave and the NES emerged. I was there. I got to touch the nail-holes in its hands.

Sega Master System: Sega's console history has been a long, sad tale of misapplied brilliance. It all began here... at least in America, anyway. The SG-1000 doesn't really count.

NEC TurboGrafx-16?: Boasting one of the greatest software libraries ever to grace Japan's shelves, and some of the worst ever to come to America. Way to blow it, TTI.

Sega Genesis: The lumpy black machine upon which Sega built its reputation. To play Genesis was to see the future. Well, an alternate future where the company didn't drop the ball repeatedly.

Super Nintendo Entertainment System: Nintendo doesn't play the "hardware horsepower" game these days, but once upon a time they were all for it. And they were really good at it, too.

Sony PlayStation: The PlayStation did for 3D gaming what the NES did for 2D. Since the NES was compared to Jesus above, does that makes PS1 the Antichrist?

Sega Saturn: An abomination of a console laden with some of the worst marketing ever -- yet home to some truly amazing games. Nothing embodies Sega's complete ineptitude like Saturn. It should have ruled the world.

Nintendo 64: Wow, check out the Jurassic Park-quality graphics! If Jurassic Park were blurry and Goraud-shaded. Consider this Nintendo's rude awakening: Hype has gotta have some substance behind it.

Sega Dreamcast: Sega did everything, everything right with Dreamcast: Great hardware, great games, great marketing, great launch. But apparently years of pissing on consumers eventually drives them away. Who knew? (Apparently not Sony, these days.)

Sony PlayStation 2: The console that single-handedly killed the Dreamcast on hype alone. Not that the hardware actually lived up to the hilarious pre-launch hype... but since it's been home to hundreds of top-notch games anyway, no one's complaining.

Microsoft Xbox: Big, ugly, and desperately unprofitable, Xbox is exactly what you'd expect from a first-generation Microsoft product: Crap, but a foot in the door for better things.

Nintendo GameCube: The joke of the gaming world during its life, GameCube had a few great games. Well, actually it had a few games, period. But it was a valuable life lesson for Nintendo, which is probably why Wii is basically the same piece of hardware.

Microsoft Xbox 360: A vast improvement on the original Xbox in every way, the 360 is exactly what you'd expect from a second-generation Microsoft product. A great piece of kit with great software...and zero reliability.

Nintendo Wii: A bold proclamation from Nintendo: "It is more important for games to be fun than for them to be awesome." Whatever; it's made my favorite classic games HD-friendly, so it's all fine by me.

Virtual Console: The gooey bits of information that the glibness of Retro Roundup overlooks.

Sony PlayStation 3?: A horribly flawed console that absolutely embodies Sony's crushing arrogance...and it's going to be totally great once people can afford it and it actually has some games. Assuming those things ever happen.

PC Gaming: Yeah, OK, here's some lip service for you.

Portable Gaming

Nintendo Game Boy: The Game Boy didn't invent portable gaming, but it might as well have. Still the best-selling console ever.

SNK Neo•Geo Pocket: The little portable that should have. Unfortunately, between its dogged focus on niche games and its comparative weakness versus the GBA (which arrived soon after the NGPC), it never really caught on. But we do love it so.

Nintendo Game Boy Advance: The little system that almost made portable gaming respectable...and it woulda worked, too, if only people could actually see the screen.

Nintendo DS: At one point, this was being derided as the next Virtual Boy. Now it's the most popular system in the world. Ah well, the media can't be right all the time.

Sony PSP?: For a system that was supposed to crush the DS beneath its mighty feet, the PSP sure is pulling up a distant second place. But hey, at least you can watch crappy movies on it!

Games by Series

Breath of Fire Series: "Capcom make an RPG!? How delightfully absurd!" scorned the naysayers. Turns out they were right only most of the time.

Chrono Series: Is three parts, one of which is only sort of a game and never saw the light of day in most parts of the world, really enough to comprise a series? Well, probably not. But whatever.

Final Fantasy Series: An obscure series, mostly relegated to art-house consoles. You've probably never heard of it.

Suikoden Series: Not to be left out, Konami also has an in-house ongoing RPG series, with more playable characters than you can shake a handful of sticks at.

NES MacVenture Ports: The best way to espouse a paradigm-shifting user interface? Port it to a platform without said interface.

Game Features

Everything Wrong Is Right Again: This began life as an editorial on the resurgence of classic-style gaming and mutated into an apologia for Mega Man 9. Oh well!

Tragedy of the Collectathons: Merus leads us on a Queen's English-tinged journey into the dark underbelly of the modern platforming genre. A pretty good case for why we need the likes of Mega Man 9!

1UP Retroblogs: Man, have you guys ever tried finding something from a few months back in a 1UP blog? It's, like, impossible. So here's a handy index for you.

Bionic Commando: An Abortive FAQ: Yeah... this is one of those cases where I can't even begin to rationalize my actions.

CryptoSafari Snap!: Cryptozoology for indoor types.

The Mario-thon: A bold plan to play through every single Mario-franchise platform game ever made. Even the spinoffs. I even bought a Virtual Boy specifically for this project. Yes, I'm an idiot.

Metroidvania: Free-roaming side-scrolling exploration? Yes please. I love these games, maybe a little too much.

The 20 Most Embarrassing Game Companies Ever: This series proved remarkably popular and intensely flame-provoking. Unfortunately, I had to cut it short due for political reasons, i.e. there was a real danger I'd actually meet the people I was lambasting. But once I've moved on from working in the gaming press and no longer have to worry about being savagely mauled by angry CEOs, I'm sure I'll pick it back up.

The History of Hilarious Religious Symbolism in Video Games: An old touchstone which has been totally spoiled by my attempt to make it more legitimate.

Vigilante... For Justice!: I was writing diary-style features about sandbox games before it was cool. Oh, wait, no... I mean, I was leaving features incomplete before it was cool. To my knowledge it's still not cool. I'm just that far ahead of the curve.

Klonoa: Empire of Dreams FAQ: It's not a very good FAQ, but it was a better way to spend September 11, 2001 than freaking out like the rest of America.