Games | Super Nintendo Entertainment System: Nintendo was reluctant to kill the golden goose that was the NES, which allowed Sega to swoop down with the Genesis and turn Nintendo into foie gras. The late-comer NES did eventually take the 16-prize, but mainly by default. Great library, though.

Breath of Fire: Who knew killing God would become such a pedestrian endeavor in RPGs? At least Breath of Fire did it first.

Breath of Fire II: The "Video games are bastardized when not in their native tongue" lobby might be right in this case. Probably not though.

Brandish: This feature was originally pledged as a reward for GIA readers who contributed a massive amount of money to keep the site alive. Sadly, the site died before I could contribute it, but I wrote the game up anyway.

Chrono Trigger?: An epic tale of replaying a game. With pictures! It's very fancy.

Cybernator: A game to remind us that sixty-foot metal behemoths would be heavy.

EarthBound: The quirky postmodern RPG with geniune heart.

Final Fantasy Mystic Quest: A Final Fantasy just for Americans! Too bad Square thought Americans were pretty stupid.

Final Fantasy IV: Or Final Fantasy II, for you old-timers who haven't quite caught up with the current nomenclature. An innovative game in many ways, but most of all for introducing extreme, overwrought melodrama to the genre.

Final Fantasy V: Did you know that Blue Magic is a popular 70s soul quintet? And a brand of heroin famous for giving its users aqua breath? Just two reasons Final Fantasy V is far better than people give it credit for.

Final Fantasy VI: Responsible for thirty-seven percent of clown phobias among the current generation.

RoboCop Versus The Terminator: No, actually, I would not buy that for a dollar.

Super Metroid: Look, this is probably, quite simply, the best game ever made. This or Mega Man 2. Either way, learn it, live it, love it.

Super Puyo Puyo 2 Remix: Falling slimes, little girls, and Satan are raving it up like it's 1995.

U.N. Squadron: MCBanjoMike blows your mind via genre studies.

Remembering SNES: A loving memorial on the system's fifteenth birthday. You died so young, SNES!