As seen in: Dark Castle (Apple II)
Also in: Return to Dark Castle (Apple II)
Distinguishing feature: Rotoscoped medieval-looking dude.
Strengths: Throwing rocks.
Weaknesses: Bouts of dizziness.

Profile by David Goldberg? | January 29, 2011

If this note finds anyone, know that I am Prince Duncan and I need your help.

Know that I came to the fabled Dark Castle to defeat the Black Knight. You may ask why I did this, since the Black Knight wasn't known to have done anything to offend anyone. Sure, most of the guys who went into his castle never came back, but they were clearly trespassing on private property. In fact, I can't quite remember myself why I chose to enter the castle. As a youth, I suffered many blows to the head and thus am prone to dizzyness and memory loss whenever I bump into a wall or fall from a moderate height. That happened a lot in the castle.

Anyway, I entered Dark Castle armed only with a bunch of rocks. This is not as foolish as it sounds, as I possess an advantage few of my platforming brethren possess: While most others have trouble moving and aiming independently, using a new-fangled technology called a mouse allows me fine-tuned control of aiming my rocks.

Fortunately for me, the Black Knight used the time-honored villain cliché of keeping the keys to defeating him right in his castle. The Wizard who operated in the attached cave apparently just gives the power to hurl fireballs to anyone who disturbs him from his studies. And the shield that makes its bearer temporarily invincible was not in the possession of the Black Knight, but sitting atop the tower. All this isn't even mentioning the handy bags of rocks and vermin anti-venom sitting around the castle.

I proceeded to overcome the mechanical guards, disease-ridden bats and rats, and deadly vultures and mutants in my way and toppled the Black Knight from his throne, only to be thrown back to the dungeon, stripped of most of my supplies and find that the castle had a heretofore undiscovered anteroom which led to the heart of the edifice.

Here, I braved the labyrinths to reacquire the shield and fireballs, mastered the use of the chopper-pack to retrieve the orbs at the end of the swamp and black forest, and mastered the use of explosives to retrieve the orb in the catacombs and entered the real throne room to defeat the Black Knight once and for all.

Little did I know that the Black Knight was not a person, whose life I was capriciously ending, but rather a curse. Upon defeat of the current Black Knight, a magical spell overcame me and I was turned into the next Black Knight, chucking my empty mugs at any who dared come near me.

In a brief moment of lucidity (I think my head trauma may actually be coming in handy), I am able to pen this note and attach it to one of the many vultures living here who will hopefully take it from the castle when he looks for its next meal. Please, if you find this note, I beg of you to return to Dark Castle and free me from my curse.

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