As seen in: Deadly Towers (NES)
Distinguishing feature: Stubby sword that causes lack of confidence, feelings of desolation.
Strengths: Indomitable spirit.
Weaknesses: Bad depth perception, inability to accomplish anything at all.

Profile by Rene Decoste? | January 29, 2011

What makes one rise to meet unsurmountable challenges? Duke Leto knew that the Harkonnens had set a trap for him on Arrakis but he went anyway: “A person needs new experiences. They jar something deep inside, allowing him to grow. Without change something sleeps inside us, and seldom awakens. The sleeper must awaken.” Of course, his son became the Kwisatz Haderach. Prince Meyer gets beaten to paste every 54 seconds. Stay asleep, I say.

It didn't have to be this way. Meyer cuts an impressive image, crisp and bold. He had all the advantages in the world; part of the Willner ruling class, more ludder than God, and bad-ass green armour. Ready to take on anything coming his way, or so he thinks. It's this kind of arrogance that got the Willner Kingdom involved in a war that was none of their business. Meyer was woefully unprepared. It's not like the world hadn't seen conflicts like this before. We had seen hardship. Simon and Ryu are frequently bested by anything aerial. Mega Man had to surpass Guts Man's hideout. But there was light at the end of these tunnels, there was hope. Prince Meyer had nothing to look forward to.

But on he goes. “Stay the course,” says the rhetoric of the Willnerian war machine. “We don't negotiate with Rubas or his coterie of zoomorphic ne'er do wells!” Big words, small actions. Meyer enters Rubas' domain; he only needs to destroy seven evil bells. He should be home by Christmas. But the conflict drags on and on across years and decades. Morale plummets on the front lines.

From Meyer's war journal, January 10th 1987:
“My stupid sword keeps misfiring; it's slow and ineffectual. Upgrades once thought to be the pride of the Willnerian Armed forces are only marginally better. Meeting unexpected resistance from Rubas' Blue Slime division. Why does the slime have so much life and I so little? Why do I repeatedly get knocked into the abyss? Why are there seemingly random doors to dungeons everywhere? Why are they so big and aimless they would put Icarus to shame?”

April 15th 1995:
“The word from back home is that there are no seven magic bells, there never was. It's all one big boondoggle. Sword Industrial Complex stands to make billions of ludder from the war effort and spoils found. It's just a rumour, though... I hope.”

November 22nd 2005
“Latest news of ultimate weapon dubbed 'EE1KBK.TTT'. They think with this I should be able to deliver decisive blow against Beat Plant and then Rubas. I am ready to end this conflict after the tremendous loss of thousands of (my) lives across many years.”

February 3rd 2007
“All secret weapons from EE1KBK.TTT to GDXHDPMM10 have proved ineffectual. War is endless. War is all I know. I feel abandoned by Willnerian high command. I only have the same old sword after each failed offensive. It is so weak. I feel lonely. I have no confidence in this sword.”

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