AKA: Princess Laura
As seen in: Dragon Warrior (NES)
Distinguishing feature: Demanding and insistent.
Strengths: Rich and easily smitten.
Weaknesses: Must be carried to move.

Profile by Scott Lowe? | January 29, 2011

Princess Gwaelin lived her days like many a princess do, lounging in the lap of luxury in the posh palace of Tantagel. Her father, the King, gave her everything she wanted and payed little attention to the other goings-on of his kingdom. Due to his negligence, the Dragonlord was able to build a castle and army of monsters just across the river from Tangtagel and mount a surprise attack. Rather than take anything of value (like the Sun Stone stored outside the castle walls) or kill the current monarch, the Dragonlord matched the King's ineptitude and simply took Gwaelin hostage. Suddenly her pampered life was over.

The Dragonlord didn't even imprison Gwaelin at his keep, instead opting to drop her off in the eastern cave with a single green dragon to guard her. Some say this is because she kept asking to be released, and when the Dragonlord replied, "No," she exclaimed, "But thou must!" endlessly; you can hardly blame him for relocating her. Here she would wait, perhaps endlessly, for her knight in shining armor to rescue her from her fate.

Eventually, Erdrick's descendant came upon the green dragon and liberated Gwaelin from her captors. Truth be told, he wasn't even expecting the princess to be back there in the cave—he was just looking for a challenge on the way to the Dragonlord's palace. Now he was stuck with her, though—any refusal to bend to Gwaelin's demands was met with a stern "But though must." Gwaelin leaped into the arms of her savior and demanded that he carry her back to Tantagel immediately. Even though monsters were still abound Gwaelin refused to leave his arms, going so far as forcing him to battle one-handed while she cheered him on.

Princess Gwaelin was returned to the castle that day and doled out her eternal love (in token form!) to Erdrick's descendant. Gwaelin's Love was little more than a Gwaelin GPS, endlessly spewing forth her latitude and longitude in relation to the warrior's current location. She had her hooks in him good, and when the hero returned from his victory over the Dragonlord Gwaelin was quick to demand to go with him on his coming journey. The last recorded records of Gwaelin state that she and Erdrick's descendant departed from Tantagel for parts unknown, eventually creating a new kingdom and starting a family. Intuition suggests she was the true ruler of that nascent nation.

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