AKA: Princess Peach
As seen in: Super Mario Bros. (NES)
Also in: Super Princess Peach (Nintendo DS)
Distinguishing feature: Blond hair, blue eyes, crown.
Strengths: Can rise above the most difficult of occasions... and longest pits.
Weaknesses: Frequently kidnaped by angry turtles; agriculture.

Profile by Philip Armstrong? | January 29, 2011

Princess “Peach” Toadstool is the ruler of the expansive Mushroom Kingdom. More a figurehead than a real leader, she represents the state and wields very little actual power. The kingdom is actually ruled by a council of toad chancellors who provide for the common man’s interests by wishing on stars. This “wishocracy” runs quite smoothly, and Princess Toadstool is little more than an aristocratic hold-over from an earlier age. Though she is not an important part of the government, her kind-hearted nature has captured the hearts and minds of the mushroom people. She spends her days making public appearances—cutting the ribbon at at the opening of a public park, presiding over the annual golf tournament—or wandering around her large empty castle, perhaps trying her hand at baking or correspondence.

Every so often she is kidnapped by the evil Koopa King, a revolutionary extremist who leads a guerilla turtle army. As she is the icon of the state she is always rescued by The Brothers Mario. And so she spends her life bouncing between asinine official duties and tedious days spent trapped in a Koopa cage.

However, there is a dream. A wondrous dream where she isn’t just the prize at then end of an adventure, but an active part of it. A dream where she fights alongside, and just as well as, the Mario Brothers. A dream where she isn’t bound by the forces of gravity but soars and flies in exuberant joy.

Yes, in this dream, she may not be able to harvest death-dealing radishes as quickly as the Marios, but when was the nobility ever good at working the fields? Even considering her poor farming skills, she's still the most discerning choice for saving the dream world. She is brave, and cunning, and can float over the largest of pits with great ease.

Ultimately, the dream must end, and Princess Toadstool must face the harsh reality of celebrity royalty. And though the days are long and monotonous, she does takes solace that soon she will sleep. And there, she will fly.

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