AKA: Kid Kool; Hat; Chuck D. Head
As seen in: Psycho Fox (Master System)
Also in: Kid Kool (NES)
Distinguishing feature: A bizarre retractable fist.
Strengths: Bird tossing; astounding speed; shape-shifting.
Weaknesses: Inertia; more charismatic fast cute animals.

Profile by Jake Alley? | January 29, 2011

Psycho Fox is truly one of the unsung heroes of platforming. Long before Sonic, he ran at ridiculous speeds, constantly bouncing off springs and flying through sprawling multilevel environments. Before Trevor Belmont played meta-physical tag team with vampires and pirate ghosts, he was transforming into other creatures to jump higher, run faster, and punch through walls. He even had an overpowered bird for a companion long before... uh, Banjo and Kazooie?

Then, dark times befell Psycho Fox. A new, small, furry creature arose on a more popular platform. Much like himself, this blue-furred newcomer was capable of reaching top speeds far beyond what was reasonable if one wanted to see where one was actually going, but he was more marketable! He had "attitude!" He had sneakers! Perhaps most importantly, he could reach a manageable walking speed without first needing a slow lumbering start.

Psycho's attempt to use his shape changing powers to gain a foothold in the prosperous land of the grey box had failed him in the past, but he knew he must try again! He hatched upon a clever strategy indeed. If he could not gain popularity on his own, he'd simply steal the identity of a popular children's cartoon character! It required the use of his last Psycho Stick, but he succeeded! None could distinguish him from the classic children's character Hat, and he could resume his life of gradually stomping his foes into the ground.

Regrettably, when he was preparing to leave his homeland and journey to America, the turncoat Tails, who had abandoned his own proud and noble race of stupidly fast foxes to pledge fealty to the Great Hedgehog, planted a bomb in his car. The resulting explosion left him a scarred and disfigured mess. His entire body covered in bandages, Psycho Fox had no other choice. The only way he could face the world was to adopt the persona of a mummy, assuming the somewhat regrettable alias of Chuck D. Head.

Sadly, this gambit did not pay off, and the reign of Sonic would until last long after Psycho Fox met his end, drowning in a pond after a patch of sand slowed him too much to skip across its surface.

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