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Article by wumpwoast | November 8, 2007

To this day, I'm still unsure what the heck the V on Quick Man's head is supposed to symbolize. One of Mega Man 2's most notorious foes looks like a mix between a monkey and a comic book villain who enjoys wearing things that look like fast food logos on his head. Unfortunately, all is not fast food and friendly service...

So it's not really Quick Man that's notorious, but rather the stage, one unarguably well-suited to his name. A nasty selection of death ray traps require both memorizing a safe path through the level and eventually developing sufficient jumping nimbleness to weave on through. It was a rude awakening for my seven-year-old self who had been just introduced to Mega Man for the first time, because falling in one hit to a death ray can make a player feel very inconsequential.

One you have the level memorized and a safe path worked out, the level can be finished rather quickly. Will the level design consistency and bad puns never stop? We can only hope not.

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