As seen in: Sabre Wulf (Spectrum)
Also in: Underwurlde (Spectrum); Knight Lore (Spectrum)
Distinguishing feature: A pith helmet (you'd figure the sabre, right, but no).
Strengths: Treasure hunting, mastery of the black arts.
Weaknesses: Failure to be a good Christian, poor spelling.

Profile by Jake Alley? | February 6, 2010

Sabreman unce upun a tyme had aspyratiuns of being a greate exploreur ande adventurer, in the veine of Pitfall Harry or Indiana Jones. Sadly, it was not to be. In his searche for the treasure of the sabre wulf, he layde waste to countlesse prymitive trybes, ande slauter'ed innumerable beastes, many the laste of their kinde. Whyle he was successful in his queste, the greate beaste guarding his quarry bit him, infecting him with the dreade afflictione Lycanthropy, and condemning his immortalle soule to suffer in the Underwurlde.

At firste, Sabreman deny'ed his curse. The grymme magick thus tooke holde, transfyguring him by moonlight into a ravenous beaste. The truthe revealed itself by way of awakening one morne to finde his betrothed in bluddied tatters before him. Sabreman tooke to studying what magickal tomes he coulde lay hands upon, hoping to cure himself. Eventually he was slayne as the beaste he had become, falling thusly to the darkness of the Underwurlde.

Steeling himselfe againste all manner of daemons and jellied-fish, Sabreman struggled upwardes, eventually freeing himselfe from The Foulle Pitte, but not his curse. That woulde require further studying of the Blacke Artes. Searching through ruins and relyqueries for magickal ingredientes from which to bruew a cure, Sabreman eventually not only regained his humanitee, but gained a maestery over the very forces of nature itselfe.

Strengthen'ed by these new gifts, Sabreman tooke a luste for raw prymal power. He next began to queste for controlle over the denizens of the Underwurlde itself! Certain magickal rytes, performed within a greate stone pentagram woulde, he read in an ancient tome, bring his powers to their greatest of heightes. None truly know if his final queste proved fruitfulle. Some claime however, when the moon is full, the rattling of a sabre can be hearde, along with the braying of some huge demonick mare from the mire in which he was laste seen in his queste for the pentagram.

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