As seen in: Solstice (NES)
Also in: Equinox (Super NES)
Distinguishing feature: Isometric British-ness.
Strengths: Alarmingly buff for a wizard.
Weaknesses: Gets disoriented easily.

Profile by Jeremy Parish | February 3, 2010

There's not much of a life for an old rock 'n roll roadie. You tramp about the world for a few decades, setting up gear and equipment at nightly gigs for low pay and no real benefits, and for what? A bare-bones early retirement, blown eardrums, and enough VD from years of second-hand groupies to keep a bio-warfare lab in the money for years.

Roger Shadax, though -- he was a little different than most roadies. After following Hawkwind on tour for 15 years through all the band's different incarnations, he eventually decided to move along with his life… as a treasure hunter. Living as he did in the English countryside, the only available options involved searching through dangerous isometric dungeons. "Right then," he decided, and took the first quest on offer: A mission to track down the missing staff of Demnos.

Shadax was taken aback at just how deadly the quest proved to be; the legendary staff was hidden behind oblique puzzles, protected by foul monsters, and guarded by spikes and pitfalls and other hazards. Yet his time as a roadie paid off, as it gave him a great sense of spatial reasoning and the ripped body necessary to fling objects about with abandon. With perseverance, he eventually prevailed and claimed the staff. The resulting reward was more than enough to give him the comfortable retirement so often denied his blue collar peers.

He even earned the money to shack up with his favorite groupie, Sonia, and start a family. That would prove to be a mistake, but that's another story to be told another time. Maybe through a dense concept album or something….

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