AKA: The Dynastic Hero
As seen in: Wonder Boy (Arcade)
Also in: Wonder Boy III: The Dragon’s Trap (Master System)
Distinguishing feature: Blonde or green hair; penchant for wielding a tomahawk or sword.
Strengths: Always remembers to wear a helmet when he rides his skateboard.
Weaknesses: Tendency to trip over rocks on his path.

Profile by John Berger? | January 15, 2010

Tom-Tom was a simple person: He enjoyed his simple life on his simple island, with his simple girlfriend Tanya. That is, until one fateful day when an evil monster named Drancon stole his beloved away from him. Tom-Tom was faced with a decision: Risk his life to save Tanya's, or continue his peaceful existence. To Tom-Tom, there was no choice; he grabbed his tomahawk and skateboard, and set off on a perilous journey to save the one he loved.

Tom-Tom fought off hordes of enemies and performed feats that were incredible for such an unremarkable young man. Eventually, the fateful moment came as Tom-Tom approached the wretched beast they called Drancon. That monster surely underestimated the small boy before him, and he paid for his mistake: With a quick blow from his tomahawk, Tom-Tom slew the creature and saved his beloved Tanya.

And for a while, the two lovers were happy. But as the years passed and Tanya began showing the wear of time, Tom-Tom remained ever youthful. Tanya's health waned, and it was all Tom-Tom could do to question why he too wasn't aging properly. “Was this some curse imposed by that fiend Drancon?” he wondered as he watched his beloved pass away before him.

Tom-Tom watched the world change around him as the years passed. The island he knew and loved lost its inhabitants, and settlers built towns and cities in their place. His dinosaur friends were no more; instead, men wearing plates of armor walked the land. Tom-Tom despised the change, and he lived the life of a recluse on the outskirts of town. One day, he overheard some of the townsfolk talking. There was some crisis; monsters had risen again, and the civilized people knew nothing of how to defeat them. Tom-Tom looked around himself and for the first time ever, he felt disgust at himself. If he was cursed in life, why not at least make a stand against the selfsame evil that was the cause for his discontent? And with that, Tom-Tom embarked on a journey again to vanquish evil from the land.

None know today what has happened to that hero whom they called Wonder Boy. His deeds throughout time were noble and many, but eventually people lost track of him. Perhaps he finally found the end he was searching for, and is resting peacefully again with his Tanya. Or maybe he is still out there today, fighting evil and protecting us from a danger that we don't even know of.

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