Alexb is the handle of a rather prolific member of the Return of Talking Time forum at His handle is usually written in lower case because he tends to be shy around new people. A reader of the site since the days before Toastifer had his spots, alexb has clearly had too much time on his hands for years now. As one might expect for a regular at, he has had a strong, even obsessive, interest in video games for over 20 years. Favored genres include RPGs, platformers, adventure games, and action games. He has a particular affinity for unusual and retro games. Alexb's personal game collection numbers at 923 genuine and unique titles across 21 systems as of July 26, 2007. He is understandably(?) proud of this fact.

Speculated True Form

Alexb's interests outside of videogames include reading and collecting books in the subjects of History, Philosophy, and Literature and half-heartedly trying to teach himself Japanese. His personal goals include visiting Japan and England, living in a foreign country for an extended period, learning to play a musical instrument, and putting his wife through graduate school. Alexb will gladly correspond with anyone on a variety of subjects and believes he generally plays well with others. However, your mileage may vary.

Other skills include graphic design, computer tech support, and, apparently, writing in the third person. Alexb does not have a personal web page at the moment but is flattered that you asked. Maybe one day. As our friends in the East say, "Please look forward to it!"

alexb July 26, 2007, at 04:13 PM