The Bio

Real Name: Carlos Hernandez

Age: 21

Occupation: Student and Writer

Lives in: Tampa, Florida

Hobbies: Photography, Gaming, Writing, Learning Japanese and Korean, Tweeting

Blitzchamp has no game genre preference, he tries to play it all. His favorite era would have to be the 16-bit era. If forced to choose between Halo 3 and Super Mario World before heading to a deserted island, Blitzchamp would choose Super Mario World. Blitzchamp is a master at Blitzball and plays with the Besaid Aurochs through thick and thin. He is a big fan of game soundtracks and their respective piano collections. His favorite composers are Yuzo Koshiro, Nobuo Uematsu, Yoko Shimomuro, and Koji Kondo. Blitzchamp does not like Game Over screens, level grinding, or unfair battle systems.

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