Andrew "Mightyblue" Bentley


Twentysomething college student with a passion for RPGs, particularly of the Japanese variety, and has also been known to read and watch copious amounts of manga and anime. Also likes to write and has a quirky sense of humor.

Author's History

Issue One Contributions:
Breath of Fire I
Breath of Fire II

Issue Two Contributions:
FF 20th: Final Fantasy I
FF 20th: Final Fantasy Portmania

Issue Three Contributions:
Breath of Fire III
Breath of Fire IV

Issue Five Contribution:
Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter

Issue Eight Contribution:
Star Ocean: The Second Story

Issue Nine Contribution:
Tales of Phantasia

Issue Ten Contribution:
Star Ocean: Till The End of Time

Issue Eleven Contribution:
Shining Force II

Issue Twelve Contribution:
Final Fantasy II

Issue Thirteen Contribution:
Sword of Vermilion

Quarterly #1 Contribution:
Final Fantasy Legend II

Quarterly #2 Contributions:
Sonic 3 (& Knuckles)
Valkyrie Profile
The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening

Quarterly #3 Contributions:
Adol Christin (from Ys Series)
Rush (from original Mega Man series)

Standalone Stuff:
Anime DVD Releases (Last Update 11/27/07)
Anime Corner: Scrapped Princess
FF 20th: Final Fantasy Mystic Quest

If you wish to contact me, drop me a PM on the forums. Thanks!