GameSpite Journal Issue 9
Fall 2011: Games, Mortality, and Other Musings

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"I grow old, I grow old...."

Like the eponymous lector of T.S. Eliott's "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock," I grow old. I was never much for beach walks with my pantlegs rolled up, though, and peaches rank among my least favorite fruit. That wraps up the existential dilemmas, anyway. Even so, I've found myself thinking about my inevitable aging of late. My face is lined, I often wear ties, people don't card me when I buy wine; it's all really quite tragic.

And since I work with video games day in and day out, these grim musings sometimes overlap with thoughts on games and game design, which is what led to the opening volley of articles in this latest edition of GameSpite Journal; the question of where games overlap with mortality formed an unintended but unquestionable pattern in my writing. I'm not the only one, though, which makes for a somewhat bleak lead-in this time around.

Don't worry, though -- death is but the beginning of GSJ9, and things grow rapidly more cheerful from there. If I could apply that power to life, I'd either be rich, or Mork from Ork.

Jeremy Parish
July 18, 2011

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Staff Roll

Nadia Oxford (Video & Arcade Top 10) is excited for Letter Time.

Justin Hoeger (Big Daddy Dearest) wants to take the ears off, but he can't.

Marc Host's ('Nobi Nobi Boy) sequel was so forgettable that it doesn't even warrant a mention.

Jake Alley (Stressing Out the O.C.D. Kids, etc.) drops an item you need to unlock the best ending if defeated within 20 turns, but only 2% of the time.

put Ben Elgin (Stacked in Your Favor) into line 12 of Bylines. put Bylines into field MainText of card (number of cards) - 1.

Aaron Littleton (Romance of the Three Kingdoms VIII) keeps himself going by imagining a juicy plum.

Andrew Bentley (Tales of Legendia) is the King of Textbox Mountain.

Matt Williams (Demon's Souls, etc.) has invaded your game!

Ben Langberg (The Proto-Shooters of Steve Cartwright)is the token Atari kid.

Jeremy Signor (Shattered Expectations, etc.) needs to fill his waterskin so he won't die of thirst.

Jeremy Parish (Ultimate Perspective, etc.) looked into the death star. Then he died.

Justin Fairchild (Lessons in Level Design) was born that way.

Alex Reo (How I Fell In and Out of Love with Rock Band, etc.) can make the jump on Koopa Troopa Beach without using a mushroom.

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