GameSpite | Issue Eleven | The Love Issue: This issue is made of love. A startling counterpoint to our previous issue, which was made almost entirely of spite. We make no pretense of fairness around here, but we do at least offer lip service to the world of balance.

Week One | November 3

Wario Land 3
Up until about two years ago, you could be certain that if a game sported the name "Wario" in the title, it was guaranteed to be a fresh and interesting experience -- never mind the fact that it was based around a flatulent, obese parody of Mario. That's not so much the case anymore! But let us not find discouragement in these dark ages, but instead look back to a brighter time.

Valkyrie Profile
Can you believe that an author who goes under the handle "Cynical Valkyrie" loves Valkyrie Profile? Shocking but true! Please note that this is about the original title in the series, not the more recent PS2 title, whose quality we cannot possibly hope to vouch for.

Week Two | November 10

Final Fantasy V
In keeping with this month's theme of love and thanksgiving, I've finally wrapped up the Final Fantasy V retrospective I've been telling the other contributors I'd be writing since...uh, well, basically all year long. Love takes time, guys, and I do love this game. There may be objectively better Final Fantasies, but none so fun to play through as V. Roll on DS remake.

Sonic CD
Sonic CD has enjoyed a mixed reputation over the years. For the longest time, it was regarded as the holy grail of the series, largely because no one had played it, because what sane person owned a CD? Then it became available on collections and people were down on it. Now it seems to be developing a sort of cachet again. The lesson here: nerds are a bunch of fickle, fickle people.

Week Three | November 17

Contra 4
It's a shame Prop 8-4 passed, banning people from marrying retro-style video games, 'cause Kishi + Contra 4 is a match made in heaven. But maybe it's just as well, because that unrequited passion has been transmuted into a great read. If ever you've wondered what it's like to read something by someone who really gets the subject matter, this is it.

Dragon Quest IV
A curious counterpart to Kishi's Contra commentary, this look at the DS remake of Dragon Quest IV is about 20% about the game and 80% irrelevant navel-gazing that's tangential at best to the topic at hand. But apparently that's what people come to this site to read. So consider yourselves served. Oh, and spoilers abound, but it is an 18-year-old game.

Week Four | November 24

Shining Force II
Mightyblue continues the theme of love with a fond reminiscence on his first childhood love, a winsome strategy RPG called "Shining Force II." Please play soft piano music as you read this through a gauzy haze of nostalgia. I've already saved you some trouble by sepia-tinting the website to more effectively mimic a montage of remembrance.

Persona 3
If the previous article was a chaste memory of a boyhood crush, Calorie Mate's write-up of Persona 3 is downright saucy. Knickers are strewn across furniture; heavy petting may be involved. You might want to change out that hazy filter for one more akin to a mosiac, is what I'm saying. Please do not let children read this article without talking to them about the facts of life first.