GameSpite | Issue Twelve | The, Uh, Twelfth Issue: Spite, love, whatever -- who cares about such base emotions? This latest issue of GameSpite is all about random nonsense rather than the forced themes of the past few updates.

Week One | December 8

Astro Boy: Omega Factor
Treasure games and I have an uneasy relationship, in that I recognize their excellence but don't really particularly enjoy them, and they promise not to hit me again if I don't try to play them. That being said, the amount of love and goodness described in this article and its companion makes me realize that some things transcend mere enjoyment.

Pokémon is the woody wagon of video games: it's uncool, everyone makes fun of it, but gosh dang if it doesn't get the kids to school safely. No, wait, that's nonsense. Sorry. But this article isn't! So you should read it, ayup.

Week Two | December 15

The conversation surrounding the game Braid has probably garnered more press time and discussion than the game itself. Alas, author legeek has avoided this obvious trap, so you will have to settle for a critique of Braid rather than an another screed on whether or not games can be art (and whether or not the posturing of a game's creator can undermine the merits of said game).

Mole Mania
You know how I used to do comic-style reviews on occasion? Well, Loki (of Nintendo Super Squad fame) just laughed and said, "Was it comics? I will show you how!" before unleashing a torrent of awesome upon the world. In the process, he also gave a pretty good critique of an obscure Game Boy puzzler. Rad.

Streets of Rage
And finally, at the other extreme of all this artsiness is a simple, straightforward tribute to the game that perfected one of the simplest and most straightforward genres ever: the king of beat-em-ups, Streets of Rage.

Week Three | January 5

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
You know, if I'd posted this in a more timely fashion, it would have made a pretty decent 10th anniversary commemoration of the first 3D Legend of Zelda outing. But alas! You'll have to settle for it a few months late. Don't worry, though; my tardiness doesn't diminish the author's gushing fanboyism for the game.

Wave Race: Blue Storm
And at the other extreme, we have a look back at the third Wave Race title that's...also full of gushing fanboyism. Ah, but the thing about Blue Storm is that this is the only positive article that's ever been written about the game, whereas everybody's all "Oh Ocarina of Time is just so special." Revel in the iconoclasm!

Week Four | February 23

Final Fantasy II
Mightyblue looks at the most maligned entry of the Final Fantasy series (well, at least until Final Fantasy X-2 came along). Is Final Fantasy II evil, or simply misunderstood? I say, why not both? I think it's perfectly feasible for the game to be wicked and vile in ways we don't yet fully understand..

Jet Set Radio Future
At the other end of the "hella sweet" spectrum (a standard measure that was adopted by a committee of top scientists in Bern just last week), we have bobservo's paean to Sega's underappreciated sequel to Jet Grind Radio. Maybe it's not quite as good as the original, as some claim. Or maybe it's just too good for our feeble minds to comprehend. Bob lays out the case.