Bestiary: Ninja Mouse

There's only one Ninja Mouse in the world, and thank god for that.

Ninja Mouse is a deadly foe, although not because of his lethality as a warrior. No, he's simply deadly because he likes to leave his little Ninja Mouse droppings everywhere, spreading disease across surfaces used by less foul creatures for food preparation.

Ninja Mouse has no remorse, no mercy, no compunctions. He is a thief, a criminal, a freeloader. He is a cunning adversary, capable of stripping a carefully-set mousetrap of its bait, even when said bait is stuck to the trigger with peanut butter. He can even steal the peanut butter. And all without setting off the trap.

He also poops in oven mitts.

There will come a day of reckoning, and on that day, Ninja Mouse will find himself in a sticky situation indeed.