Thumbnail Theatre: Akira Part 2

Tetsuo: I wanna new drug/ One that won't make me poor/ One that won't make a mess of my car/ Or smear Yamagata's brain across the floor

Kei: Tetsuo has become powerful because his racial memory has tapped into the genetics of space dust.

Kaneda: Uh, sure. I'm a high-school drop-out and even I know that's a load of bull hockey.

Kiyoko: Akira!

Kaneda: Oh right.

Tetsuo: Akira!

Crowds: Akira!

Tetsuo: It would probably be faster to fly directly to the stadium where Akira sleeps, but all this mayhem is so much more interesting.

Colonel: GROWL SOL.

Kaneda: Tetsuo!

Tetsuo: Kaneda!!

Kaneda: TETSUOOOO!!!

Tetsuo: KANEDAAAAA!!!!

SOL: Hey Tetsuo, you're SOL!

Tetsuo: In space, no one can hear you implode a multi-billion dollar killer satellite array.


Kaori: Tetsuo, I'm frightened by everything that's happening, but I care about you enough to stand by you to the end.

Tetsuo: My rapid mutation and crushing of your body is just a little way of saying thanks.

Takeshi: Akira!

Kiyoko: He has returned!

Masaru: He will lead us to a new era of era-ness!

Akira: .....

Tetsuo: That's it? He just disappeared? Isn't he going to annihilate Neo-Tokyo and usher in an esper-powered empire with me as his lieutenant?

Akira: Oh, you're thinking of the manga. Sorry. This is the end of the movie. I like the whole "annihilate Neo-Tokyo" idea though.

Kaneda: Good thing I'm the main character of the movie, otherwise being drawn into a psychic-powered singularity event giving birth to a new universe might have been the end of me.

Tetsuo: I'm glad Kaneda kept shouting my name. Now I can easily remember it.

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