Thumbnail Theatre: Neon Genesis Evangelion Part 03

Shinji: I'm so sad. Because I hate being an Eva pilot.

Toji: I'm so mad. Because in the midst of saving the world, the pilot of that big robot hurt my little sister! Too bad I'll never get to meet the pilot.

Shinji: Hello, I'm the pilot of the big robot that hurt your sister.

Toji: You jerk! Eat my fist!

Shinji: It's odd, but being beaten up for piloting the Eva doesn't increase my enthusiasm to be a pilot.

Misato: Excuses, excuses. Grow a spine and accept the fact that you're trapped.

Unit-01: Hey Shinji... I'm your worst nightmare.

Toji: Hey Shinji, I'm your worst nightmare!

Rei: Ikari, an Angel is approaching.

Shinji: Oh no, it's my worst nightmare.


Kensuke: Hey Toji, let's go check out the massive deadly battle between two enormous warring machines. What could possibly go wrong?

Toji: Gee, that would be a great idea. Oops, I think we're going to die.

Misato: Shinji! Let those two inside your machine and run away!

Shinji: No, I have to fight. This is an amazing coincidence that will allow the person who hates me to understand my pain.

Shamshel: ARGH!

Unit-01: ARGH!

Shinji: ARGH!

Shamshel: UGH! You win.

Toji: Wow, thanks to this amazing coincidence, I understand Ikari's pain.

Shinji: Strangely, I still hate my life.

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