Thumbnail Theatre: Neon Genesis Evangelion Part 07

Misato: Good morning, Shinji! Welcome to a filler episode!

Shinji: Misato, don't you realize that nothing in Evangelion is frivolous? Everything is symbolic!

Misato: BELCH!

Shinji: Or maybe not. I think I'm losing my respect for you.

Misato: Don't worry, I'll win it back by the end of the episode.

Toji: Hey Shinji, I've come ostensibly to greet you and mostly to ogle your guardian!

Shinji: What, that slob?

Kensuke: Ikari, you live with Misato and don't like it? You suck!

Ritsuko: Meanwhile, let's have an artificial crisis.

Jet Alone: Crisis? Is that any way to talk about your old friend Jet Alone? I'm wounded!

Misato: What? They want to replace Evangelions with Jet Alone? Seems like a real crisis to me!

Ritsuko: No, by "artificial" crisis I mean the fact that Jet Alone has "unexpectedly" run out of control. I never would have guessed this would happen in a million years. You know, if I hadn't rigged it myself.

Misato: No biggie, I'll stop it.

Jet Alone: Hey everyone, watch! I'm going to cause a nuclear explosion in the middle of a city!

Misato: I think I saw this in a game of Sim City once.

Unit-01: That's OK, I was designed to be a video game, so I can help.

Misato: Darn, why am I having so much trouble pushing in these cooling rods by myself?

Jet Alone: Look ma! I'm going to explode! No, wait, just kidding.

Misato: Wow, thank goodness for the ol' Deus Ex Machina.

Jet Alone: Man, I suck.

Shinji: Suddenly, I have so much more respect for Misato.

Misato: See, told you so!

Ritsuko: You little pawns are so loveable. You're the greatest!

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