Thumbnail Theatre: Neon Genesis Evangelion Part 08

Gendo: Why yes, this is the second episode in a row in which I'm manipulating events behind the scenes.

Toji: Don't you think it's neat how minor characters like us were written in for comic relief? It really adds to the suspense, huh?

Kensuke: I'll say! Good thing a multi-billion dollar international military organization doesn't mind a couple of unneeded kids tagging along on a dangerous and sensitive mission!

Misato: It'll get even wackier once you look up the skirt of the new Eva pilot!

Asuka: You zany perverts! *slap!*

Shinji: The only thing that could add to the comedic overload is if an old flame of Misato's were suddenly to appear.

Kaji: Hey, babycakes.

Misato: NOOOOOOO!!

Asuka: Ikari, I hear you're a better pilot than me. You suck! I only hope I have the chance to show off my skills to you.

Gaghiel: Knock knock, this is opportunity calling!

Misato: Shinji! Asuka! Climb into Unit-02 and defeat that Angel while indulging in some wild comic mischief!

Unit-02: What a thrilling start to my career.

Misato: And ignore the hidebound, incompetent American admiral!

Kensuke: Ha, ha, dumb American. In our futuristic Japan-centric fantasy world, your global military hegemony is over and we can make you look like the bumbling xenophobic fools we secretly believe you are!

Gaghiel: But too bad you can't fight underwater. Hey, look, a submerged city! I remember this bit from Waterworld!

Kaji: Well, I'm too handsome to die. Toodles.

Unit-02: Look, I can't do a thing underwater, OK? Let's call it quits.

Asuka: No! Fight, Unit-02, fight! For everlasting peace!

Unit-02: Well.... OK. ACHOOOOO!

Gaghiel: Lodging exploding ships in my mouth, eh? I remember this bit from Robotech!

Asuka: We win, because arrogant, precocious kids always win long enough to build up their self-esteem before the big fall!

Shinji: Too bad I'm dressed like a girl.

Kaji: Commander Ikari, I've come to give you mysterious objects and say cryptic things.

Gendo: Excellent work, my impish little toadie.

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